Why Everyone Is Buzzing About Kevin Durant’s Recovery

Since joining the Brooklyn Nets, the focus around star forward Kevin Durant has centered on his recovery from a torn Achilles tendon. The Nets have been quite supportive throughout the process by helping him move along towards becoming healed fully from the ailment. Over the last couple of weeks, Durant has made some notable steps forward in the rehab workload that has caught much attention about what he’s now can do in workouts. It has garnered more scrutiny after what he was recently shown doing on the floor.

Kevin Durant’s recovery process

During the 2019 NBA Finals, Durant suffered a devastating torn Achilles tendon that ended his bid for a third NBA title.

It has sent him into a grueling recovery process that has already had him declared out for the entire 2019-20 season. Durant’s working his way back from an injury that typically takes a year to heal fully.

Although it may be a tedious procedure, he has continued to take steps forward in his recovery that has him well on his way towards getting back on the court. That trek has seen him pass some physical milestones along the way, which have him back on the court going through workouts and exercises to get his leg back to what it once was before the injury.

With that in mind, Durant looks to have moved forward with another significant development that has left many buzzing about when he will be back on the court.

Kevin Durant’s latest improvements

Durant’s work on the court in his recovery has become more prevalent in the previous few weeks.

The former two-time NBA Finals MVP has caught much traction again on social media as he was shown going through some on-the-court workload at high speed. The recent workout video displays Durant going through drills where he’s putting up shots on multiple shots on the floor.

The star forward is shown taking various shot attempts that include him doing pull-up jumpers and taking set 3-pointers off passes from his trainers. What is most encouraging is that it appears that he can take full in rhythm shots without any hindrance as he’s shooting fluidly off the ground.

Durant is still some time away from being able to go through contact drills, but the fact that he can take shots like he usually would is a promising sign. It demonstrates that he’s well on his way towards making a full recovery.

Patience will be key for Kevin Durant

These recent workout videos are quite encouraging, but it’s a long process that Durant must continue to push his way through.

The 31-year-old is dealing with an injury that can change the course of his career. Many players before him have struggled physically in their return, such as Kobe Bryant, DeMarcus Cousins, and Isiah Thomas. Durant’s situation may be different, but it’s an ailment that could lead to other problems arising in different parts of his legs due to overcompensation.

There is no doubt that he will get back on the court at some point next season, but it’s a recovery that he must remain patient and go through his due diligence to make sure he’s gone through all the physical marker points. Yes, the Nets are counting on him and Kyrie Irving to lead the franchise to an NBA title, but it’s not worth risking getting back on the floor before he’s ready to do so.

Brooklyn has already made the appropriate steps to keep him out of the mix for the entire 2019-20 season, and that poised mindset will be crucial in him getting back to full strength.