Why Everyone Is Talking About Tom Brady Joining the Titans

Throughout the last several weeks, the focus around the NFL has been on what Tom Brady will do this upcoming offseason. There is now growing talk that he could seriously consider leaving the New England Patriots for the first time in his illustrious career. There have been several teams linked to Brady, which includes one surprising franchise in the Tennessee Titans, who have an interesting question to answer with their own quarterback Ryan Tannehill being set to hit free agency. There is once again buzz around the future Hall of Famer heading to Tennessee due to yet another reason.

Tom Brady’s link to the Titans

At this point, there is still much uncertainty around what the 42-year-old will do this offseason. The only assumption at this point is he will enter free agency for the first time.

Brady will have an opportunity to explore his options without the possibility of a franchise tag being placed on him by the Patriots. There will be plenty of options on the table for him if he does venture into the open market.

Among those teams that have been linked to Brady are the Titans. There is an obvious connection with his former longtime teammate Mike Vrabel being the head coaching, but it’s quite intriguing as to why they are on the table. Tennessee appears to be headed towards bringing back Ryan Tannehill after his impressive campaign that saw him help guide the franchise to the AFC title game.

The Titans have built a relatively stable team on both sides of the ball. Star running back Derrick Henry headlines their offense, especially after an impressive 2019 season. Henry is no longer under contract, but Tennessee is expected to make a strong push to retain him with a lucrative deal.

Nonetheless, the connection to the Titans for Brady is nothing short than interesting.

Why the Titans are being discussed again

There may be several other teams potentially in the picture such as the Las Vegas Chargers, Los Angeles Chargers, and Indianapolis Colts, but the Titans still linger.

That was taken up a notch on Saturday night as Brady and Patriots teammate Julian Edelman were seen at the North Carolina/Syracuse game. During that time, a fan spotted the two holding a facetime conversation with the Titans head coach.

Regardless of the actual conversation, the timing of it is quite intriguing. Keep in mind, Vrabel would have to toe the line in staying away from talking to Brady about his free agency it would be considered tampering. All of this makes it easy to draw connections to potential interest in the Titans a couple of weeks ahead of free agency.

That, coupled with video showing Edelman awkwardly stating to the camera that Brady is “staying” in New England while Brady visibly shook his head, only adds to the chatter. What this could mean more than anything else is that there are some serious legs to the talk that the six-time Super Bowl champion could be out the door with the Patriots.

What will Tom Brady do in free agency?

With each passing week, it’s looking more and more apparent that Brady has likely played his last game with New England.

There is much that could change on that front, but with recent news such as the Patriots’ lack of dialogue with the star quarterback to his agent speaking with the Chargers, Colts, and Raiders, it doesn’t present a promising public perception. New England will have the chance to secure Brady’s return, but it’s one that they have to make a strong effort in showing they not only have a long-term commitment but will add proven pieces to the puzzle offensively.

It will hinge on them doing what’s necessary to have the opportunity to bring him back. Ultimately, the decision lies with Brady, and the other scenarios out there look quite appealing.