Why Giannis Antetokounmpo Hasn’t Picked Up a Basketball in Weeks

The 2019-20 season is at a standstill with the NBA deciding to suspend it for the time being due to the growing concerning over the coronavirus. It has put its players in a tight spot of having to stay ready while there is a great deal of uncertainty if the campaign will be resumed at any point over the next few months. That has placed Milwaukee Bucks star forward Giannis Antetokounmpo in a unique situation where he’s not even playing basketball while he’s at home during this situation.

NBA suspends the 2019-20 season

Over the last several weeks, the coronavirus has become a more significant concern globally, with it impacting many different countries.

That reached the United States with the number of cases dealing with the virus that has continued to grow. It eventually led to the NBA being affected as Utah Jazz star center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus that pushed the league for an immediate suspension of the season.

Shortly later, Donovan Mitchell also contracted the virus that put a more significant worry over the situation. On top of that, a few players around the league on the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers tested positive. That pushed the entire league to be on high alert for the coronavirus with virtually a mandate for players to stay in the same market as their respective teams during this time.

All of that put the players in tight spots toward trying to stay physically in-tune while this situation is handled.

Giannis Antetokounmpo hasn’t been playing basketball

The new parameters of the situation for the NBA community has made it quite difficult for many players to stay in basketball shape during the suspension.

That has certainly been the case for Antetokounmpo as he has been unable to get all that he needs to be in top form if the 2019-20 season resumes. According to Eric Woodyard of ESPN, the reigning league MVP voiced on a conference call on Friday that he hasn’t played any basketball over the last few weeks due to not having access to a hoop or court.

“So, I don’t have access to hoop,” Antetokounmpo said during a conference call Friday. “A lot of NBA players have a court in their house or something, but now I just get home workouts. Ride the bike, treadmill, lift weights and pretty much stay sharp that way, but I don’t play basketball.”

With the team practice facility closed during this time, it has put Antetokounpo in a similar spot that many of teammates and frankly many players around the league are in without access to a basketball court. The 25-year-old doesn’t currently have a basketball court built where he lives, so that has put him a tight spot of only being able to focus on all the other areas of fitness away actually shooting a basketball.

Although Antetokounmpo hasn’t been able to play basketball at this point, there is so much uncertainty around status for the 2019-20 season due to the coronavirus it getting hard to envision that it will resume.

Will the 2019-20 season resume?

It has been a tough situation that has impacted many globally, as the number of cases continues to increase.

All of that has only made it more unclear whether the NBA will have the chance to continue the 2019-20 season. The coronavirus has had a rising presence in the United States with areas such as New York, New Jersey, and now New Orleans being struck hard.

Although it would be encouraging to see the NBA continue their season, but it doesn’t look like things will trend in that direction with the situation only expected to get worse before it gets better.