Why Is Joe Rogan Famous and How Much Does He Make?

Joe Rogan is one of the most famous personalities in the UFC, but he’s well-known outside of the MMA community, too. He’s had a long career, both in and out of the UFC. Here’s a quick look at Rogan’s life and career as well as his net worth.

Joe Rogan before he was famous

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Rogan, like many other people involved with the UFC, loved fighting as he was growing up. The New Jersey native trained in martial arts and he even competed in amateur kickboxing competitions. However, due to Rogan’s fear of suffering a traumatic brain injury, he quit combat sports and pursued a life in showbiz instead. 

At first, Rogan did standup comedy and he was very successful at it. But, while he did a great job at making people laugh, he wasn’t that mainstream yet, and few people knew who he was. At around this time, Rogan started hearing about the UFC. Eventually, he began commentating for them in order to get free tickets to the shows.

But the UFC at this point was still a small business. Rogan was still searching for a well-paying gig. It finally came when he became the host of Fear Factor. This show was broadcasted on network TV, and millions of people got to see and know Rogan. Arguably, this was how he became famous, but it wasn’t how he reached his peak. 

How Joe Rogan became great

Fear Factor was canceled in 2006, and Rogan left the role. He came back for the revival. But he’d ultimately leave the role entirely. Instead, Rogan focused his time and energy on the UFC. Luckily for him, the UFC only kept growing.

As the UFC grew, so did Rogan’s popularity. More people tuned in to watch the fights, and almost every time they did, they heard Rogan’s voice and saw his face. He was quickly becoming one of the most popular figures in the UFC, as he was knowledgeable, funny, and entertaining. 

It took a lot of hard work, but Rogan eventually became as important to the UFC as the organization’s president Dana White. Despite this rise to fame though, Rogan hadn’t peaked yet. He eventually began his own podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, and its popularity only grew.

Rogan’s knowledge and comedic sense allow him to get anyone to open up to him on his podcast. He’d bring in controversial guests, but he’d also bring in reputable guests like Elon Musk. Nowadays, Rogan’s podcast is one of the most famous ones. This success, combined with his success elsewhere, has done wonders for Rogan’s bank account.

How much Joe Rogan is worth

Rogan, with the help of his successful podcast, long-lasting UFC hosting career, and occasional gigs in stand-up comedy, has a very high net worth. Forbes estimates Rogan brings in $30 million from his business ventures. That’s just the start of it as his podcast isn’t going anywhere.

There are other estimates as to how much Rogan is worth. Celebrity Net Worth, for example, says that Rogan has a $50 million net worth. Regardless of how much money he makes, it’s still notably higher than many athletes, especially those in the UFC.

Due to how UFC fighters are paid, Rogan likely makes more money podcasting than most fighters who aren’t Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov. While this may seem insane, Rogan has clearly earned it.

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