Why Jason Kelce Is the Key to Russell Wilson Joining the Eagles This Offseason

Following James Harden’s stunning move to the Philadelphia 76ers, the city of Philadelphia is in full-blown star frenzy mode. More and more Philadelphia Eagles fans are coming around on the idea of acquiring a star quarterback this upcoming offseason, and Russell Wilson is at the forefront of the conversation.

Throw in the fact the Los Angeles Rams just proved that spending big on a star quarterback translates to winning (Matthew Stafford), and the likelihood of Eagles general manager Howie Roseman going after Wilson seems that much higher.

Jalen Hurts did a solid job during his first full season as the Eagles starter. However, this is Wilson we’re talking about. He’s a Super Bowl-winning QB and a future Hall of Famer.

Jason Kelce could be the key to Russell Wilson joining the Eagles

Eagles trade target Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

A lot has to go right for the Eagles to land Wilson this offseason. However, it’s impossible to ignore the strong position Philadelphia is currently in. They have three first-round picks in this year’s upcoming draft and one of the better offensive lines in football. DeVonta Smith and Dallas Goedert have also emerged as above-average pass catchers. Both would excel with an elite QB throwing them the football.

With that said, the offensive line is the critical part of this discussion. Wilson has a no-trade clause attached to his contract. Even if the Eagles emerge as the highest bidders this offseason, Wilson will have to agree to the move. The long-time Seattle Seahawks QB spent years playing behind a horrid offensive line. Getting the opportunity to pass behind one of the better pass-blocking units in the league in Philadelphia should intrigue him.

At the center of the Eagles’ O-Line (literally) is four-time All-Pro Jason Kelce. He’s easily the best player in the unit. However, he’s been pondering retirement for several years running.

His decision to leave or stay could play a significant role in Wilson waiving his no-trade clause or not. Wilson could have second thoughts about playing for Philly if Kelce isn’t the one snapping him the ball and calling out protections.

Signs point toward Kelce returning in 2022

The good news for the Eagles (and potentially Wilson) is that current reports suggest Kelce plans on returning for the 2022 season.

The Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Jeff McLane stated as such in his recent story on Kelce and the future of the Eagles’ center position. He believes Kelce will be back in Philly for one final season.

Not only does this place a bandaid over the Eagles’ center position for another season, but it allows them to focus their attention on other, more-pressing positions of need with their wealth of draft capital.

Knowing the center position is filled in 2022 makes it far easier to justify trading multiple first-round picks for Wilson as well.

What does the Eagles’ ceiling look like with Russell Wilson under center?

Let’s assume the Eagles’ elite offensive line is a strong enough pulling point for Wilson. Philadelphia would likely send over a trade package of Jalen Hurts and multiple first-round picks to the Seahawks, firmly shifting their focus into a win-now state of mind.

With Wilson on the roster, just how far could they go?

Truth be told, acquiring Wilson would put the Eagles in a very strong position. The NFC is getting weaker following the departure of Tom Brady and the likely departure of Aaron Rodgers. Combined with the Eagles’ offensive line, Wilson could realistically guide Philadelphia to a deep playoff run.

Kelce and the rest of the Eagles roster just need to put their recruiting hats on and convince Wilson to make a move to Philly.

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