Why Jimmy Butler Believes Stephen Curry is “Unstoppable”

Over the last several years, Golden State Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry has emerged as one of the best talents in the league. The bulk of that has come from his scoring prowess that has also earned him the reputation as being arguably the greatest shooter the league has ever had. Along the way, Curry has also earned a tremendously strong reputation from his peers. Among those is Miami Heat star forward Jimmy Butler, who recently voiced some high praise towards the two-time league MVP.

Stephen Curry’s star status

When Curry first entered the NBA, there were plenty of skeptics that believed that his size would hamper him from becoming a superstar player in the league.

However, he has blown past those doubts as he has put together a career that should land him in the Hall of Fame. Curry was one of the driving forces that led the Warriors to five consecutive trips to the NBA Finals while winning three NBA titles.

Along the way, he also earned numerous individual accolades, such as a pair of MVP, including becoming the first unanimous choice for the award. Curry has also received six All-Star selections, there All-NBA First Team nods, two All-NBA Second Team selections, and an All-NBA Third Team nod.

He has also racked up numerous NBA records to his name such as holding the single-season record for most made 3-pointers (402), most seasons leading the league in made 3-pointers (five), and the only player with at least 200 made 3-pointers and 600 assists in consecutive seasons, among other feats.

All of that has further cemented his status as one of the game’s best talents, which Butler has clarified that further.

Jimmy Butler on what makes Stephen Curry unguardable

Before the Warriors took off into championship contention, Curry had emerged as one of the top young guards in the league. However, his game took off to the next level during that span that saw him become a juggernaut beyond the 3-point line.

In a recent Players’ Tribune piece, Butler voiced that Curry is a “generational talent” that can score from anywhere on the floor. The Heat star forward believes that playing in Steve Kerr’s system has only further emphasized that aspect of his game.

He has the ultimate green light, too, and he doesn’t abuse it. He’s not out there just jacking up shots. He’s super calculated. Sometimes he barely even crosses half-court and pulls it. And for anybody else in the league, that’s a bad shot. But for him, it’s a good shot. It’s routine.

Throw in the fact that if you try to press up on him and contest his shot, he has the ability to blow by you and get to the rim, or to distribute the ball and get his teammates involved?

Curry’s shooting ability is unmatched as he has demonstrated throughout his career that nearly every shot he takes is a practical one for him. In many other cases, many of those same looks would be foolish for players to take.

It’s a part of his game that has helped elevate him to the next level of stardom in his illustrious career.

What lies ahead of Stephen Curry?

Throughout the last several years, Curry has shown some tremendous durability on the court, but he has missed the bulk of this season due to a broken hand.

The injury is expected to keep him sidelined for a few months, but there hasn’t been a timetable put forth for his return. The Warriors have voiced that they expect Curry to be back in the fold at some point this year.

Although the Warriors are headed towards a playoff-less campaign, the team looks to be a promising spot with their core group along with some potential salary-cap flexibility and a top-five first-round pick. There are many different ways that the franchise will go about handling the situation to put them back into title contention.

Regardless of how things unfold, Curry will undoubtedly be a big part of the Warriors’ long-term plans as their leading offensive factor.