Why Joe Lacob Still Doesn’t Understand Why Kevin Durant Left the Warriors

It has been nearly eight months since star forward Kevin Durant decided to leave the Golden State Warriors in free agency for the Brooklyn Nets. That stirred up plenty of discussions around the move and why Durant chose to make it at this point in his career. There has been much reaction to the choice around the NBA. It’s a decision that still baffles Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob about why the two NBA Finals MVP elected to join another team.

Kevin Durant’s decision to leave the Warriors

Following three seasons with the Warriors, Durant made the long-expected move to depart in free agency to the Nets.

There had been rumblings around Durant that he wanted to get a fresh start elsewhere despite reaching three straight NBA Finals with the Warriors. Durant elected to join forces alongside All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving in the hope of building a unique legacy with the franchise that has yet to win an NBA title.

Durant is taking a leap of faiith in many regards leaving Golden State, where he experienced a great deal of success in a short time. He won two NBA titles and a pair of Finals MVP awards in three trips to the Finals.

Despite it being more than half of a year removed from the move, Lacob is still confused as to why the star forward left the team.

Joe Lacob doesn’t understand Kevin Durant’s decision

Through his three-year tenure with the franchise, Durant played a significant part in helping guide the Warriors to a pair of NBA titles.

Durant made the move that he believed was the best for his career moving forward. However, team owner Joe Lacob voiced on Monday morning on 95.7 The Game that he doesn’t understand with the 31-year-old left Golden State>

I don’t get mad, the other side of the coin, I can’t get mad when Kevin Durant, who I felt pretty close with, decides he’s going to leave.”

“Which, to me, made no sense. Like, you’re the best organization, I hope he thinks, in the world… Winning. Other great players. The new Arena. To me, there was like every reason in the world to stay, but I’m not going to be mad at him because it’s his life. And he earned the right and for whatever reason he decided he wanted to leave.”

There is much validity to what Lacob is stating in the sense that Durant would be arguably in the best position to win. He was the core piece to a team that had reached the NBA Finals five years in a row and the previous three with him.

However, Durant wanted to take on another challenge that will inevitably add to his legacy. It’s a team where he wanted to go and pair up with Irving at his point in his career. That may be something that Lacob never truly understands.

Kevin Durant embracing new challenge

Before he gets a chance to embark on this next chapter of his career, Durant is still working his way back from a torn Achilles tendon.

He has continued to make steady steps towards a full recovery, which the most recent videos display him working out at a fast pace. Durant won’t take the floor in the 2019-20 campaign, but next season certainly appears to be the target as he’s well on the mark to be ready before then.

Durant will have the opportunity to add to his legacy with the Nets as an NBA title could lift his reputation among the all-time greats to another notch. Nonetheless, it will be quite exciting to see how things unfold in Brooklyn.