Why Kevin Durant Calls Stephen Curry 1 of His Best Teammates Ever

Throughout his NBA career, star forward Kevin Durant has played with many players. That has seen him build unique bonds with plenty of his teammates in his time in the league. He has spent well over a decade building chemistry with various players. However, during a recent interview on All The Smoke Podcast, Durant voiced among the tightest bonds that he developed over his career was with former Golden State Warriors teammate Stephen Curry.

Kevin Durant’s time with the Warriors

During the summer of 2016, Durant made the surprising choice to sign with the Warriors, who were coming off their third straight trip to the NBA Finals.

It was a seamless transition for the former league MVP as he quickly moved into the position of being their top-scoring option. That was made easier because Curry was more than willing to put his ego aside to allow Durant to feel comfortable off the bat.

During his three-year stint with Golden State, he achieved a great deal of success that included a trip to the NBA Finals in each campaign with a pair of NBA titles, two NBA Finals MVP awards, three NBA All-Star Game selections, one All-NBA First Team nod, two All-NBA Second Team selections. He was a highly efficient scorer in his tenure as he averaged 25.8 points on 52.4% shooting from the floor and 38.4% from 3-point range, 7.1 rebounds, 5.4 assists, and 1.5 blocks per contest.

That time together with the Warriors has built an everlasting bond between them that Durant has garnered a great deal of admiration and respect.

Why Stephen Curry is one of Kevin Durant’s favorite teammates

Since departing from the Warriors, there have been some lingering questions about Durant’s relationship with his former teammates, such as Curry.

During his recent interview with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on the All The Smoke Podcast, the 31-year-old clarified why the two-time league MVP was one of his favorite players to play alongside in his illustrious career. (H/T Brian Witt of NBC Sports Bay Area)

“I know for a fact that no point guard wants to guard him,” Durant said of Curry, “‘cuz he ain’t going to stop moving, so that’s going to take a little bit of energy from ’em. And he goin’ play with that dog, where it’s like he’s trying to destroy you with scoring. And our game plan was to get him open at all times, and he’s not gonna stop.

In his own right, Curry had already developed into one of the top players in the NBA. He had already become of the greatest shooters the league has ever had while Durant’s presence further accentuated that and allowed him to be an even more efficient scoring option.

It’s clear that the elite level of play between them helped build a stronger bond between them. They went to the mountaintop together during their three-year stint, winning a pair of NBA titles in three NBA Finals appearances. That’s a connection that will always be there with memories that will last well beyond their respective NBA careers.

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry’s everlasting connection

Although the two are no longer playing alongside each other, Curry and Durant, have made a significant impact on their respective careers moving forward.

There is a new challenge that presents itself ahead of Durant with the Nets, as the team has yet to win an NBA title. That puts forth an opportunity for him alongside All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving to carve out their own legacy with the franchise.

Meanwhile, Curry will have the task of helping lead the Warriors back to competing for NBA titles to add to his legacy. It will be a tougher hill to climb being he’s a bit older and won’t have Durant next to him, but it’s a chance to further cement his status as a future Hall of Famer.

Nonetheless, it’s clear that Durant and Curry have a great deal of respect for each other that extends far beyond the basketball court.