Why Kevin Durant’s Mom Says His Injury Is ‘Bittersweet’

Months ahead of the 2019-20 season, there was already the notion that star forward Kevin Durant would miss his first season with the Brooklyn Nets. Durant is still working his way back from a torn Achilles tendon that he suffered in the 2019 NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors. He’s dealing with a significant injury that can change the course of a career, which makes the handling of the recovery process that much more crucial. It’s something that Durant’s mother has chimed in on publicly voicing her opinion on the situation.

Kevin Durant’s recovery

Since suffering the torn Achilles tendon, there has been an underlying focus on his recovery process from the injury.

Durant has stayed a cautious route with his rehab work, which has seen him stray away from placing any timetable for his return to the court. That has subtly ruled out any chance that he will see the floor this season as he’s dealing with an ailment that takes around a year to heal fully.

The Nets have had their complete support behind Durant taking his time through the process as he’s maintaining a steady level of progress over the last several months. It’s something that his mother, Wanda Durant, has recently weighed in on the subject.

Kevin Durant’s mom weighs in on his recovery

The recovery process has been a grueling one at times for Durant as it puts him off the floor for an entire season, which is a mental challenge and hurdle in its own right.

However, Durant’s mother voiced during an appearance on the “Today Show” that she believes the situation of her son being out for the entire year also allowed him to reach a different place with his mental mindset in regards to his NBA career and outlook.

“Well, I know he’s not going to play this year, which I’m glad because he won’t have that pressure. It’s bittersweet because I see a calmness in him, even in this. He was injured before and he was frantic. Now I’m not saying he doesn’t wanna play, because he wants to play and play with his teammates, but he’s accepted the fact that this is not the time for him to play and he’s going through the process of healing.”

There is much credence to what Wanda voiced about her son as there is no rush for him to be back on the floor before he physically and mentally ready. That is often the case with significant injuries as there is a rush to get back on the floor to prove that the player can still play at the same high level.

The team electing to keep him out for the entire season gives him the necessary time to get his body right so that when he does return, he’s more than physically ready to go. It’s also a much-needed mental space that he needs to reset himself to get the next chapter of his career moving forward.

Kevin Durant’s progress in his recovery

It has been a long path towards recovery for the Nets star forward, but he has continued to stay on the right track.

In the last few weeks, there have been videos of him working out on the court individual drills. That was taken up a notch after a video surfaced of him moving quite well on the court through an on-court workout earlier this month.

The Nets haven’t changed their mind frame on the situation through these recent developments. Still, he’s progressing in the recovery inching closer and closer towards being entirely back from the ailment.

For the time being, Durant will continue to operate in his own space with the rehab work that will get back on the court this time in a Nets’ uniform.