Why Michael Jordan Is ‘Nervous’ About His Return to the Public Spotlight

Michael Jordan is about to enter the spotlight once again thanks to an all-encompassing 10-part movie about him that premieres next year. While the documentary will give fans unprecedented access to the former basketball superstar, Jordan is nervous about how the people who view it might react to it.

Jordan, for all the glory he has gained on the court, does have a reputation as somebody who can be difficult, but by unleashing this on to the world, he can help tell his side of the story.

What is the documentary?

The movie, while about Michael Jordan, is also about the final championship team that he played for in Chicago. A camera crew followed the team back then, and while the footage, taken from over 500 hours that was shot, took over 20 years to be released, fans will finally get a peek behind the curtain of one of the most legendary teams in the history of professional sports. 

The 1998 Chicago Bulls are equally famous and infamous because the team collapsed shortly after winning its sixth ring of the 1990s, and the documentary will likely shed light on why this happened.

From disputes with the ownerships to Phil Jackson’s departure and Dennis Rodman’s erratic behavior, the documentary promises to show the Jordan Bulls in a way that nobody has ever seen. 

Jordan might be known as the greatest basketball player of all time, but he existed in a time when social media and sports news were less obsessed about what goes on behind the scenes. While stories of Jordan’s place behind the scenes can borderline on myth, being able to see firsthand what it was like to see Jordan at the end of his dominant reign will be a treat for everyone.

Part of the 30 for 30 brand, a series of documentaries that were the brainchild of Bill Simmons when he was still with ESPN, the documentary is the largest project ESPN has taken on since their Oscar-winning documentary about the OJ Simpson story. After the phenomenon that followed that, they can expect the documentary to garner huge viewership numbers when it premieres in 2020. 

Michael Jordan’s response

Michael Jordan wasn’t immediately open to the idea of a movie or documentary. This might be why the footage took so long to be released. As public as Jordan has always been, he has typically been mum about his private life, leaving that for speculation among fans and media. He spoke candidly about why he is both excited and concerned about the release of the documentary. 

“I didn’t want to do it,” Jordan said to Today. “I felt like it was raw enough that people would not really understand the mentality that it takes to be a winner and to be a leader, and I’m still nervous about it. It’s going to be interesting to see how people interpret the whole thing. That’s going to be the most intriguing aspect of the whole thing. “

Jordan’s nerves are not unfounded. He is, after all, the subject of many unflattering rumors and conspiracy theories that stem from his temper, his gambling, and what he’s like behind the scenes.

In a world where people want to know more about their idols, however, Jordan’s documentary might be the most complete view fans have seen of an athlete from a time before every little thing they did was reported on social media and in the press. 

 Michael Jordan nostalgia

Jordan nostalgia reigns supreme. Not only does he continue to re-release some of his most popular shoes alongside new ones, but things he’s been involved in are still drawing attention.

LeBron James, of course, is continuing the Space Jam franchise that Jordan started over 20 years ago, and Jordan has a slew of other business endeavors he is working on. Many players have experienced stardom in the game of basketball, but few remain as ingrained into the culture as a whole as Jordan.