Why Mike Tyson is Prepared to Fight Anyone

There has been no shortage of buzz around Mike Tyson over the last few weeks linked to a potential return to the squared circle. Tyson’s last professional boxing match was nearly 15 years ago, but the passion for his craft looks to have reassembled itself within him over the last couple of months.

He has continued to push his way into great physical shape while his demeanor and approach toward a possible comeback haven’t wavered as he has been quite open to that scenario. All of that appears to be rooted in one reason for Tyson to want to return.

Mike Tyson’s potential comeback attempt

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Throughout the entire process, Tyson hasn’t shied away from discussing a potential return to the ring.

That has all been rooted in the various workout videos that recently went viral on social media that showcased his impressive power and speed at his age. Tyson isn’t the fighter he once was due to age, but what he had displayed in his training has been nothing short of remarkable.

The 53-year-old looks to be in strong physical shape while his mental approach to the craft is in an entirely different atmosphere. That is seemingly pointing to him wanting to get back into the ring again despite his last fight being well over a decade. All of that seems to steam from one notion that he continues to emphasize in every recent interview when discussing the matter.

Why Mike Tyson will fight anybody

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The last few weeks have seen Tyson fully embrace the idea of potentially boxing again.

In seemingly every interview, he has made it a point that to make it quite evident that he’s open to any situation that could present itself. Tyson spoke to TMZ on Thursday, which he stated that he would take anybody on if they are willing to do their part in contributing to charity.

“Hey listen, anybody that is willing to contribute to this charity they are welcome to come challenge me.”

It’s quite a challenging time in the world, with the coronavirus concerns significantly impacting many lives. That has created many problems and difficult situations for people to have to work their way through. That has led Tyson to voice his desire to help those in need during this time, which boxing for charity could create millions to donate to those that need financial help the most.

Yes, the 53-year-old is potentially putting himself in harm’s way physically to box at his age more than a decade removed from his last fight, but he’s doing that for a much bigger cause than himself.

Mike Tyson will return to the ring

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There is still undoubtedly much that Tyson would need to get handled first before a fight can be scheduled, but he looks to be well on that path.

The 53-year-old has continued to voice that he feels like he’s in great physical shape while believing that he can prepare for a fight within six to eight weeks. If Tyson does elect to go down this route, there will be plenty of takers to fight him.

Evander Holyfield recently announced that he’s going to fight again while former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs has stated he’s in talks with Tyson about a fight. MMA legend Tito Ortiz has also put his name in the hat with his desire to take on Iron Mike.

The opportunities will be there; it’s just a matter of Tyson being ready physically to take on any of those challenges.