Why Phil Mickelson’s Wife Amy Nearly Didn’t Show for His 2010 Masters Win

Phil Mickelson has had an exciting career. His winning the 2010 Masters is likely one of the most memorable moments of his career. Not only did he have a triumphant win, but it was also his third green jacket — something that had only been accomplished seven times. More importantly, he got to celebrate the win with his wife, Amy, who had been battling breast cancer.

Her diagnosis and fight began in 2009. Though she had not been seen in 11 months, Amy Mickelson was there to meet her husband at the 18th hole at the 2010 Masters.

Amy Mickelson’s early diagnosis and battle

Phil Mickelson smiles and walks with his wife Amy in 2017
Phil Mickelson walks with his wife Amy in 2017 | Shelley Lipton/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In 2009, Amy Mickelson was diagnosed with breast cancer. With the early diagnosis, both Mickelsons were optimistic, yet aware that the treatment would be difficult. After the diagnosis, Amy underwent tests to determine the best treatment, which took nearly a year.

To support his wife, Mickelson took a leave of absence, withdrawing from tournaments, with statements from Phil that Amy had always put him and their family first and that it was his turn to put her first and face the battle as a united front.

But the couple weren’t alone — the entire golf world took notice of Phil Mickelson’s actions and rallied around the pair — especially as Amy underwent major surgery and further treatment.

Supporting Amy Mickelson

After finding out about Amy Mickelson’s diagnosis, golfers showed their support in different ways. Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods took to social media to support the couple.

John Daly wore pink pants in support of the couple while competing in the final round of a European tour. Rory Sabbatini wore a pink shirt during the Byron Nelson Championship. During the PGA Tour and Crowne Plaza Invitational, golfers and their wives wore pink in support of the Mickelsons.

When Phil returned to the golf course, the wins he accomplished led to excitement and happiness for both parties. After returning to the course, Phil’s support for Amy continued through his dedications to her. He also wore pink, especially through the pink ribbon on his hat.

Phil Mickelson’s 2010 Masters win

Though the battle was long, Amy Mickelson was a symbol of triumph as she waited for her husband behind the 18th hole of the 2010 Masters, previously too ill to attend the tournament.

Making it an even sweeter win for the couple was that she wasn’t expected to attend due to her illness. The long embrace shared by the couple after Phil’s win said more than words could. Although Phil had returned to the golf course previously and had dedicated victory to her, she hadn’t yet been able to support him during tournaments.

For the 2010 Masters, the Mickelsons were unsure if she would be able to attend. His win and their embrace is one of the most cherished memories for the couple. It’s also one of the most cherished memories shared by the fans. Emotions ran strong with both Mickelsons in tears. But the sense of joy and triumph, not only on the golf course, but in the battle of cancer, was evident for all to see.

This sight was monumental. It established a picture of hope, not only for the Mickelson family but for all breast cancer survivors. Triumph — per the Mickelsons’ example — over breast cancer is in the little things, such as showing up to a final round, and the big things, such as winning the 2010 Masters.