Why Rams’ Todd Gurley Might Skip the Pro Bowl

The production from Los Angeles Rams star running back Todd Gurley has declined from the high levels it had been over the last two years. Despite all of that, Gurley earned a spot to potentially be on the 2020 Pro Bowl roster as he’s an alternate for the game. That presents the possibility of being named the team if any of the selected players are unable to play. In response to all of that, Gurley has chimed in on the matter, voicing the possibility that he may skip the Pro Bowl entirely if that scenario presents itself for one reason.

Todd Gurley’s declined production in 2019

In the months leading into the 2019 season, the expectation around the Rams was that Gurley would take on a significantly lighter workload due to his ongoing knee issues. He was limited in the second half of the 2018 campaign, which impacted his play and availability in the playoffs, including Super Bowl 53.

Gurley’s production has dipped quite notably this year as he’s on pace to fall well short of 1,000 rushing yards as he’s 18th with 741 yards on 188 attempts, which is 16th most this season through the first 15 weeks. Gurley is also averaging just 3.9 yards per carry and could finish with less than 1,000 scrimmage yards.

In spite of his decreased production, Gurley was named an alternate for the 2020 Pro Bowl, a spot that he doesn’t appear to be too fond of this season.

Todd Gurley’s plans for the 2020 Pro Bowl

The selection as an alternate puts the possibility of Gurley being a replacement for one of the running backs ahead of him on the NFC side if either Christian McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook, or Ezekiel Elliott are unable to play.

With that in mind, Gurley has voiced that he doesn’t have a strong desire to play as he wants each of the players ahead of him to enjoy that opportunity that they earned. (H/T Cameron DaSilva of Rams Wire)

“No, I hope those guys that made it go play in the game – Christian McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook, ‘Zeke,’ Nick Chubb, Mark (Ingram), and Derrick Henry. All of those guys had a hell of a year, always been great players and been great running backs,” Gurley said. “I think a couple of those guys, it’s their first time. Definitely I would want those guys to go and experience that with their families and their friends and enjoy it.”

Gurley has a clear understanding that his production didn’t exactly earn the Pro Bowl nod like a few of his peers in the conference. His performance didn’t match up with these players, who have been among the top players at the position.

Todd Gurley’s outlook beyond 2019 season

The Rams have headed into a tight spot with their playoff hopes in the final two weeks of the season. Their postseason chances are out of their hands as they needed to win out against the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Vikings need to drop their final two games against the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. However, the real question is how the Rams will handle Gurley moving forward as there are real questions about how much of an impact and role he can have within the offense for the long haul.

He has shown flashes that he can handle a significant workload, but that hasn’t been sustained over long stretches in the 2019 season. Their moves over the offseason could be quite indicative of what they believe Gurley can do on the field, as their primary need will be to address their offensive line issues.

Ultimately, the next few months will be quite telling of their belief in Gurley’s ability out of the backfield.