Why Robert Kraft Will Let Tom Brady Enter Free Agency

With Super Bowl 54 now in the books, the attention has shifted over to the upcoming season that could see several prominent names enter free agency. Tom Brady is expected to headline that group as it will be the first time that he tests the market in his illustrious career. That has put on the table the real possibility that Brady could leave the New England Patriots and play with another franchise. Throughout the process, team owner Robert Kraft has been quite vocal about how he feels about the entire situation, which has once again aired out his true feelings on the pending matter.

Tom Brady’s upcoming free agency

These last few months have been quite telling of where things stand for the future Hall of Famer and the Patriots. Brady has stayed on the path of voicing much uncertainty about what lies ahead of him with the franchise.

The only thing that has become quite evident is that he still has a passion for playing the game for yet another season. Outside of that, the thought of the 42-year-old gracing another uniform may not be as unlikely as many believe as there could be some intriguing potential landing spots for his services.

Brady has voiced that he will explore all his options when it comes to his free agency, which could put the Patriots a bit behind the eight ball if a team emerges as a realistic destination for him in the next chapter of his career. Through this entire process, Kraft has been vocal about where he stands with the situation.

Why Robert Kraft will let Tom Brady test free agency

It has become quite an interesting situation for the Patriots that has put on the table a scenario that could see Brady move elsewhere in the offseason.

That has become a situation that came about do how Brady structured his current deal that allows him to test the open market. However, Ian Rapoport of The NFL Network voiced on Monday that Kraft agreed to those terms as he believes the entire process will lead back to the two sides working it out after the six-time Super Bowl champion sees what’s out there. (H/T NESN)

“From what I understand, Kraft’s thinking on this was, basically, if the sides came together — if Brady decided that the Patriots were his best option after testing free agency, and if Bill Belichick … decides that Brady is his best option at this price — then, in the end, after all of this, after going through everything, that it’ll be mean that it’s basically meant to be and it’s the best thing for all sides. Kraft wanted them to get apart, to see what’s out there, and try to come together in the middle. And the hope is, if that works out for 2020, that everyone will be happy they went through the process.”

It’s well documented how strong the bond that Brady and Kraft have built over the year. That has been one of the biggest reasons why the team has stuck by the quarterback for the last two decades despite questions concerning his age over the previous few years.

If the Patriots can retain Brady, Kraft will undoubtedly play a significant part in the process that would allow him to retire with the franchise whenever that is.

What will Tom Brady do?

At this point, it’s hard to fathom the idea that Brady would realistically entertain, leaving the Patriots in free agency.

However, some factors could push him in that direction. New England has played things year by year with him, which hasn’t rubbed him the right. That lack of long-term commitment has pushed Brady to consider his options this offseason.

There isn’t an exact time frame for how much longer that he will play, but it’s reasonable to believe that he would honor the length of any deal that he receives any new deal. For the first time in his career, Brady will have full control of what lies ahead of him as the Patriots can’t place a franchise tag on him in free agency.

That leaves the door open to teams like the Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, and Indianapolis Colts to make strong pushes to land him. Wherever he chooses to play next in 2020 and possibly beyond that will be a decision made on his terms and nobody else.