Why Some Conor McGregor Fans Are Worried About His Next Fight

Conor McGregor will return to the octagon on January 18, 2020, to fight Donald Cerrone at UFC 246. But this won’t be like McGregor’s other fights. The Irish athlete decided to fight Cerrone at 170 lb., something neither men had to do as they both usually fight in the 155-lb. division. This change has worried some McGregor fans, reports The Sun.

Conor McGregor’s body over the years

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For the majority of his career, McGregor has fought in the 145-pound featherweight division. This was not his natural body weight, but rather it was the lightest weight class he could fight in. McGregor was able to fight at 145 pounds by cutting weight. This means he was mainly eating salads and other low-calorie foods and then dehydrating himself a week before the fight. 

His physique at 145 pounds was scary to many fans, as he never really looked healthy when he weighed in. With that said, by fighting at 145 pounds, McGregor had a massive size advantage over many of his opponents. This helped him become the notorious fighter he is today. But starving himself wouldn’t last forever. McGregor eventually decided to move up in weight. 

In the 155-pound lightweight division, McGregor’s found success while maintaining a healthier diet and physique. This 10-pound difference meant a lot of things for McGregor. He could eat more, but he also had to fight men of the same, bigger size. Eventually, McGregor met his match when current lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov choked him out.

McGregor’s body at 170 lb

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After taking a year off from the sport, McGregor is returning to fight Cerrone at 170 lb. This is unusual for a lot of reasons. While both men have fought at 170 lb before, McGregor only fought at 170 lb against Nate Diaz because Diaz accepted the fight while on vacation and couldn’t fight at 155 lb. Cerrone, on the other hand, fought at 170 lb for a while but has since moved back down to 155 lb. 

One reason why McGregor may have chosen to fight at 170 lb is because he’s preparing himself to fight Jorge Masvidal, someone who’s been beefing with him for a few months now. Masvidal has, among other things, said he was too big for McGregor, meaning in terms of muscles. 

In preparation for his next fight, McGregor has put on more muscle than before. In his recent Instagram posts, McGregor’s body can only be described as thick, solid, and tight.  

Why Conor McGregor’s fans are getting worried

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor interacts with the media and fans during the UFC 205 press event
UFC champion Conor McGregor at a UFC 205 event | Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Although most people think McGregor will easily beat Cerrone, the Irish fighter’s new physique raises some eyebrows. When Diaz shocked the world and choked McGregor out in their first fight together, McGregor had a lot to say about why he lost. 

In particular, McGregor said he was “inefficient with his energy,” according to Sports Joe. By this, he means his cardio wasn’t good enough for the fight. In fact, after the matchup, while preparing for their rematch, Diaz told McGregor he needs to work on his cardio, which McGregor did, as Reebok explains.

Time will tell, however, as there are many examples of large, muscular men with great cardio. If McGregor’s cardio holds up with his new physique, then his future in the UFC may be looking bright again.

This is particularly worrying because both of those fights against Diaz were at 170 lb. McGregor was eating steak dinners and putting on muscle for those fights. His cardio did hold up in the rematch, but some fans believe his bigger muscles will cause the same cardio issues in his next fight. 

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