Why the Miami Dolphins Are Replacing Stadium Seats With Living Rooms

Marc Serota/Getty Images
Marc Serota/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins understand that some folks would rather watch the game from the confines of their own home than see it live in person. Which is why they’ve decided to give people the best of both worlds.

Just like when the Jacksonville Jaguars swapped out stadium seats for pools and Cabanas, the Dolphins are doing a little redecorating of their own. As part of their $400 million renovation of Sun Life Stadium, they’re getting rid of seats on the 30-yard lines in the lower bowel of the stadium’s south side, and adding 32 “living rooms.”

Just think — all fans have to do to upgrade their at-home football viewing experience is head to Sun Life Stadium and pull up a chair in one of their luxurious suites. While it seems a little bit over-the-top to us, the organization told ESPN’s Darren Rovell that they believe some people would love this opportunity.

“We’re out to give a fan the very best seat and the very best experience they could possibly have,” said Dolphins president and CEO Tom Garfinkel. “There are enough people in this marketplace that, if you can do that, [you] don’t care what it costs.”

Speaking of which, how much will it cost to put your feet up in one of these “living rooms,” and what kind of bang will you get for your buck?

Skip Bolen/Getty Images
Skip Bolen/Getty Images

The Dolphins are selling each “living room,” in packages of four for a standard price of $75,000. Within each of these areas, there will be a 30-inch wide recliner, and three different types of television options. Patrons can choose from having an 18-inch TV in front of each seat, a 32-inch TV in front of every two seats, or a 32-inch TV in front of each person. However, the latter two options will run you an extra $15,000 and $30,000. Not only that, but the deal includes food, drinks, and access to a lounge. Talk about a watching football in style. How could you not want in on this?

“You’ll have a comfortable chair, the replays in front of you, RedZone on,” Garfinkel said. “You’ll have a mini garbage to throw things out, you’ll have a drawer with a lock to put your valuables in, you’ll have concierge service so you don’t have to get up to get anything, and you’ll have the game in front of you.”

Since the renovations are being privately funded, and Sun Life Stadium’s capacity will be shrinking from 75,000 to 65,000, it is believed that this new offer will be a way of helping the organization pay back those costs. But don’t think about this as spending a lot of money to see the Miami Dolphins play in person. Think about it as spending a lot of money to bring your living room right into the stadium for the perfect viewing experience.

After all, what’s $75,000 for the chance to watch a football game from a couch that’s not yours?