Why the NFL Might Be Rooting for These Two Teams to Make the Super Bowl

The NFL’s biggest game is mere weeks away. Soon, the champions of the AFC and NFC will emerge to play in the Super Bowl. If you ask anyone within the NFL front office, they’d likely say they’re not rooting for any two teams over the others. But for historical purposes, there is one particular matchup the NFL might be hoping for. Let’s take a closer look at what that might be — but first, it helps to look at the context surrounding this year in the NFL. 

The NFL is celebrating its 100th year

This year, the NFL celebrated its 100th season. To commemorate this momentous event, they’ve hosted a year’s worth of special events looking back on the players and teams that made the league what it is today. 

The NFL named its 100 best players for its All-Time team. They asked fans to vote on the NFL’s greatest all-time moment. They also honored the 13 towns who housed the original NFL franchises. There have been numerous other events associated with the anniversary as well. 

For NFL history buffs, it’s been a tremendous year. And it all culminates with the NFL’s greatest event: the Super Bowl, a game that has plenty of history on its own. 

The first Super Bowl matchup

While the NFL has operated for 100 years, this is currently the 54th iteration of the Super Bowl. There were NFL championships won before the Super Bowl era, but nothing can quite match the grandiosity of the Super Bowl as a premiere event.

The Super Bowl started when the NFL champion agreed to play the champion of the fledgling American Football League (AFL). The first Super Bowl was held in 1967, and the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10. 

The two teams the NFL might be rooting for to make the Super Bowl

The 2019-2020 season conference championship game matchups are as follows: 

  • Tennessee vs. Kansas City. The Titans have looked unstoppable with Derrick Henry rushing for nearly 200 yards every week. Meanwhile, the Chiefs fell in a 21-0 hole before destroying the Texans last week. Both teams are incredibly effective on offense, just in different ways – one with the pass, the other with the run. 
  • Green Bay vs. San Francisco. Green Bay is back in the spotlight after a few lackluster years. While San Francisco has been in the NFC driver’s seat seemingly all season behind a great defense and the play of Jimmy Garoppolo, it would be unwise to count out Aaron Rodgers. He’s still one of the best quarterbacks of this generation. 

Pretty much any combination of those teams in the Super Bowl makes for an intriguing matchup. But the one that would be the most historically significant would be Packers vs. Chiefs. 

This would mimic the showdown in the very first Super Bowl. As the NFL celebrates 100 years of existence, pitting the Packers against the Chiefs would be a cool callback to a bygone era. It would give the league the ability to look back on that game and what it meant to football’s development not just as a sport, but as the new national past time. 

It has the added bonus of being a fun matchup to watch. There’s no doubt both Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes would put a lot of points on the board, making for a high-scoring affair. After last year’s Super Bowl and its 13-3 defensive display with the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, this would be a welcome change-up. 

Those within the league who appreciate the league’s history — and, good offense — are no doubt rooting for the Packers and Chiefs to advance to the NFL’s ultimate stage.