Why Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas, and Brooks Koepka All Live in This Golf Mecca

From Augusta to Pebble Beach, certain golf courses around the world hold a greater appeal to those with a passion for the sport. However, while those courses are beautiful from a recreational standpoint, they don’t scratch that itch when golfers are at home. When it comes to a golf course that pros can unwind at in their proverbial backyards, the city of Jupiter, Florida, has it all.

The town of Jupiter, Florida

Jupiter has several nicknames, from “Golf’s Hot Spot” to the “Epicenter of Professional Golf,” reports Waterfront Properties. With several golf courses in the county limits, the area lives and breathes its famed sport more than any other place on earth. Because of this, it is a popular spot for golf pros worldwide to settle down and hit balls when they aren’t out on tour.

An exclusive beachside community, Jupiter has small-town vibes and expensive luxuries to boast. Florida is often viewed as the state where people go to retire and relax. As such, it is one of the golfing capitals of the world. However, even compared to the rest of the state, Jupiter boasts some of the best golf courses and a proverbial all-star team of talent living in its borders. 

Who lives there? 

Going out to do something as simple as bowling or grabbing a bite to eat in Jupiter could result in seeing some of the greatest players ever to swing a golf club. Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler, Smylie Kaufman, Brooks Koepka, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods are just a few of the names that own property in the city and use its many golf courses. 

One thing that sets Jupiter apart from the rest of Florida is its layout. While Florida is the golf capital of the world, there are not many hills to add boast about. Jupiter is different, however. Its hilly terrain adds some challenge to people trying to compete with the best golfers from around the world. One particular upscale sports bar is particularly popular with Jupiter’s high-profile residents. 

The Woods, which is owned by Tiger Woods, allows the golfers who live there to unwind in an environment where they don’t have to worry about TMZ photos and being bothered. Places like this help build a sense of comradery between the golfers, who can watch golf highlights and other sports on its many television sets while feasting on the finest food and beverages. 

Why Jupiter, Florida? 


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There are several reasons that Jupiter, Florida, is such a haven for golfers. Agent Brian Coffey laid it out succinctly for TCPalm.com while speaking about its most prominent names. 

“Twenty of the top 30 golfers in the country live right here,” said Coffey. “Tiger Woods lives here, Ricky Fowler, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka—all the top golfers live here in Jupiter because of the golf courses and the weather and the water

From Tiger Woods multi-million dollar estate to equally impressive mansions owned by the other big-named clientele, Jupiter’s appeal is not just in the golf life, but the way that life can extend to living off the course. Not everyone who owns property lives there full time, but when they do, they can expect something different than most other areas. 

Whether somebody wants to play golf on the beach or do so in the wilderness, Jupiter has a little bit for everyone. Every story has its hidden secrets and notable communities where people can be themselves. Jupiter just so happens to be this place for the golfing world. While the average fan might not know this, residents know that there’s one place away from the tourney to catch professional golfers, and that place is Jupiter.