Why Tom Brady Will Never Play for the Dallas Cowboys

It’s insane to think Tom Brady would switch teams this late in his career. But if the Patriots don’t pay up, he may be ready to do just that. Several teams are connected to Brady via rumors, from the Las Vegas Raiders to the Dallas Cowboys. The latter, however, may have the hardest time convincing Brady to join them. The reason dates back decades.

Will Tom Brady leave the Patriots? 

Many presume Brady’s alleged interest in other teams is less about finding a new home and more about getting a bigger deal with the Patriots. Few players, even legends, spend their entire careers with one NFL team, especially when their career lasts nearly two decades.

For Brady to leave the Patriots now would be unprecedented. Not since Joe Montana moved to Kansas City has a team’s synonymous quarterback put on another jersey. And even Montana had Steve Young behind him to justify the move. 

Brady is more than just the longtime Patriots quarterback; he’s an NFL god to the entire region. While other fans hate Brady for a variety of reasons, New Englanders have made him not only the face of their team but the face of the entire region’s sports scene. Losing Brady to retirement would be one thing, but losing him to another team would be devastating.

Still, until Brady signs with a new team, nothing is guaranteed. Whether the Los Angeles lights draw him westward or the Las Vegas experiment appeals to the aging superstar, someone could grab Brady. Do not expect the Cowboys to be one of those teams, however. Here’s why.

Why would Tom Brady make sense for the Dallas Cowboys?

The Cowboys had a disappointing season last year. Now, Dallas is looking in a new direction with head coach Mike McCarthy. With Dak Prescott due for a big contract, the team could move on from the young quarterback if the price is too steep. Brady, while theoretically just as expensive, could offer a stopgap between Prescott and the next quarterback

Approaching his mid-forties, Brady is in a place where few QBs have been. Even on the downslope, he’s only a year removed from his last Super Bowl. While it’d be foolish for the Cowboys to expect him to have a long tenure in Dallas, he would bring the team the will to win they seek

For this to work, the team would need to move on from Prescott. There are legitimate concerns about him, but at his age and talent level, the Cowboys may regret losing Prescott over contract concerns. Still, if the ties are broken, Brady would be a great choice, if he’d entertain the idea.

Why won’t Tom Brady sign with the Dallas Cowboys? 

Brady spoke to reporters in November 2019 about his feelings on the Cowboys. While he expressed respect for the team and its history, he also let it be known that he is not a fan: “I’ve really not liked the Cowboys since coming out of the womb,” Brady said, according to USA Today.

Usually the recipient of hatred from sports fans, it’s easy to forget Brady was once a kid and a young football fan. While nearly 20 years in the NFL has put the game into perspective, those nostalgic feelings of rooting against the Cowboys are deeply rooted in his psyche.

If the right offer came, Brady may reconsider his stance on the team. But until he signs Jerry Jones’ contract, the Cowboys would be better off trying to come to terms with Prescott.

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