Why Tony Romo Won’t Be Calling a Game This Week

Through his first few years in the broadcast booth, Tony Romo has become a staple for CBS’ NFL coverage. Romo has quickly become one of the most beloved voices in the industry that has put a bright future ahead of himself. However, he won’t be in the booth for Week 10 action for a particular reason.

Tony Romo’s quick rise into broadcast stardom

Following Tony Romo‘s retirement from the NFL after the 2016 season, he jumped headfirst into the broadcast booth.

Romo received the tremendous opportunity to work alongside one of the business’ best in Jim Nantz. The former Dallas Cowboys star quarterback made an impressively smooth transition to his new career path.

He immediately found his niche playing off Nantz’s calls and analysis by providing his often predictive insight on any given play. Romo quickly won over NFL fans with his broadcast style that also earned him a tremendously lucrative deal with CBS earlier this year.

The 40-year-old is reportedly signed to a lengthy deal that will pay him roughly $17 million a year, including the playoffs. His new contract blew away his first deal that was for $10 million over three years. Before heading that route, he entertained offers from ESPN and NBC Sports but elected to return to CBS.

Why Tony Romo will miss Week 10 broadcast duties

Tony Romo has become a staple on each Sunday of the NFL season over the last few years.

According to Richard Deitsch of The Athletic, NFL viewers won’t have their weekly Sunday dose of Tony Romo as his legendary broadcast partner Jim Nantz has prior duties for CBS’s coverage of the Masters.

Nantz has held the responsibility for many years, but this year’s tournament isn’t at its usual April date. The event was pushed back to November due to the concerns with COVID-19, which the virus impacted many other majors in the same manner.

It’s a rare situation, but CBS has elected to give Romo the week off with Nance working the Masters. There have been comparisons to other similar cases that have occurred like that in the broadcast booth.

One that continues to be brought up is when legendary broadcaster Pat Summerall would miss an NFL game due to his coverage of the tennis U.S. Open. In those instances, his partner John Madden would work alongside Jack Buck.

CBS has elected to go a different route entirely by giving Romo time off instead of pairing him up with another play-by-play announcer for the week.

Bright future ahead in the booth


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Although Tony Romo won’t be in the broadcast booth for Week 10 NFL action, his future ahead is quite bright.

Romo has quickly won over legends Jim Nantz and Al Michael, who see him becoming one of the most prominent faces in the business for many years to come.

In terms of his age for his new career, Romo is relatively young and could have decades ahead of him in the booth. There isn’t any clarity concerning how much longer Nantz will continue to go. However, he’s 61-year-old and could remain paired with the former Cowboys star quarterback for the foreseeable future through Romo’s new contract.

The four-time Pro Bowler has found his calling after his NFL career that should not only see him earn many more lucrative paydays but one day solidify himself as a possible legend in the broadcast industry.