Why Troy Aikman Believes He Will Never Become the Cowboys GM

Over the last few years, it has become quite evident that Hall of Famer Troy Aikman has a growing interest in taking up a front office position in the NFL. Aikman has no previous experience, but it’s a spot that he has been eyeing, especially with his Dallas Cowboys notoriously continuing to go without a general manager in place over the last couple of decades since Jerry Jones taking ownership of the team.

He has been shy about his true feelings regarding the situation, which has provided a blunt answer as to why taking his dream job will never be anything more than an aspiration.

Troy Aikman’s postcareer following playing days

Since Troy Aikman retired prematurely due to concerns over concussions, he has taken up a job in the broadcast booth in the years that followed his Hall of Fame career.

The former Cowboys great has become a staple in that realm since becoming a color commentator back in the 2001 season. Aikman has spent nearly the last two decades in that career path that has seen him earn an Emmy Award nomination for his work in 2004 while also being part of the broadcast team for six Super Bowls.

Despite his commitment to the broadcast booth, the 53-year-old still has the underlying desire to become a general manager for an NFL team. The attention has been around him wanting to take that spot with the Cowboys, but Aikman has once again lined out why that will never happen.

Troy Aikman doesn’t believe the Cowboys will ever have a GM

Troy Aikman has made it no secret over the last several months that he wouldn’t mind getting a crack at the Cowboys’ seemingly vacant general manager position.

However, it’s a role that has remained open as Aikman voiced to 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday that he believes strings back to Jerry Jones’ desire to keep it within family control. (H/T Dallas Morning News)

“It’s a long shot in Dallas. I think it’s always been a long shot in Dallas for the simple reason that it’s a family affair. With Jerry [Jones] having two sons and Stephen [Jones], of course, he’s been working in the front office ever since the team was bought. They’re not in need of that type of person, I’ve always known that.”

That isn’t the first time that the Hall of Famer has aired that sentiment, as he previously stated that Jones’s stubbornness with control over decision-making was a considerable factor in the situation. Aikman went as far as to voice that it has played a significant factor in the team’s overall shortcomings over the years.

He has a strong desire to become an NFL general manager, but it likely won’t be with the Cowboys.

What lies ahead of Troy Aikman


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Troy Aikman has never once indicated that he’s unhappy with his position as an NFL game broadcaster for Fox Sports throughout this entire process.

It all boils down to Aikman having a lingering desire to give it a run at becoming a general manager as several of his peers have received that opportunity. Hall of Famers John Elway and John Lynch have excelled in that role, helping put together Super Bowl-caliber teams in their respective situations.

It’s hard to gauge if Aikman will ever get that chance given that he’s been in the broadcast booth for nearly two decades. If he does, it’s evident that he will make the most of it.