Here’s Why You Should Still Watch the Worst NFL Teams in 2019

The NFL likes to say that the league has parity, but the truth of the matter is some teams as the top of the league — like the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs — are significantly better than the competition. Others, though, are on the opposite end of the spectrum, and they are just bad. No matter how bad teams like the Redskins, Dolphins, or Bengals are, they still have some redeeming qualities that give you reasons to watch them. Here’s why you should keep watching the worst NFL teams.

Arizona Cardinals

Even though Arizona has a win to its name (unlike many of the teams on our list), it remains one of the worst NFL teams in 2019. However, the Cardinals have this year’s No. 1 draft pick in Kyler Murray, an exciting young player who continues to get better as he gets more experience under his belt each week. 

Watching the Cardinals also gives you more chances to watch future Hall of Fame WR Larry Fitzgerald, who is nearing the end of his career. You can see a lot of the two as part of the team’s pass-happy offense, but Murray can also get things going with his feet. The reigning Heisman Trophy winner scored two rushing touchdowns through five games.

Miami Dolphins

Now that the Dolphins are starting Josh Rosen at quarterback, watching them can let you get an idea of who the Cardinals gave up to draft Murray. The Cardinals traded Rosen, himself a former first-round draft pick, to the Dolphins when they decided to draft Murray.

The Dolphins don’t really have any other exciting players on the team — they are one of the worst NFL teams for a reason — but you can watch Rosen potentially fight for his career as he tries to play well enough to keep the starting job in Miami; the team hopes to land the top pick in next year’s draft to potentially take Alabama QB Tagovailoa.

New York Jets

Sam Darnold is expected to return to the field after his bout with mono, which gives you the chance to watch a good young quarterback try to succeed without any star receivers around him. You’ll also see three-time Pro Bowl RB Le’Veon Bell, who joined the Jets in free agency after holding out all of last season while in a contract holdout with the Steelers. The offense has struggled in recent weeks without Darnold, but things should pick up again now that Darnold should be back for Sunday’s game against the Cowboys.

Washington Redskins

Seeing how Dwayne Haskins progresses is a reason to watch Washington Redskins football this season, even though they are one of the worst NFL teams in 2019.
Dwayne Haskins. | Al Pereira/Getty Images

Washington isn’t just one of the worst NFL teams in 2019. It has been a moribund franchise for several seasons. But if you watch this season,  you might get a chance to see QB Dwayne Haskins get some starts sooner than later. 

The Redskins hope he’s going to be their franchise quarterback of the future, and they’re likely going to start playing him soon to see how well he does at the NFL level. The Redskins have also had rookie WR Terry McLaurin come out of the gate strong, as the third-round pick has three touchdowns in his first four games. Like with the Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald, the Redskins also give you a chance to see a future Hall of Famer in the twilight of his career, in this case, RB Adrian Peterson.

Cincinnati Bengals

Wide receiver A.J. Green is one of the most exciting receivers of the generation, but ankle surgery kept him out at the start of the season. When he returns, he’ll give the offense a spark and add some excitement to the team.

Until then, QB Andy Dalton is throwing to one of last year’s breakout stars, WR Tyler Boyd, and second-year WR Auden Tate, who has had at least three receptions in the last three games, including his first career touchdown reception last week. On the ground, the Bengals have RB Joe Mixon leading their rushing attack. The wins might be hard to come by in Cincinnati, but at least you get to see some offensive firepower as you watch one of the NFL’s last-place teams.