Will Aaron Rodgers Prove the Doubters Wrong About His Greatness This Year?

Any fan younger than 30 probably doesn’t recall a time when they lacked an all-time great quarterback. Brett Favre took the reins in the early ’90s and won a ring. Much later, Aaron Rodgers took over. Again, some promising seasons and a Super Bowl win gave Cheeseheads plenty to celebrate.

However, we’re coming up on a decade since the Lombardi Trophy took a trip to Green Bay. Fans are starting to doubt that Rodgers has what it takes to do it again. With their surprising first pick in 2020, are the Packers signaling the end of the Rodgers era?

Aaron Rodgers’ take on Jordan Love

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers | Michael Reaves/Getty Images

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For what it’s worth, Rodgers doesn’t seem bothered by the pick. He seems to have accepted that he probably won’t finish his career with Green Bay. But he’s already given the city another championship and no one can fault him for what he’s accomplished.

It will take time before Jordan Love is ready to take over under center, and Rodgers has at least one more year to take the Packers back to the top. The Packers are unique because the fans technically own the team, even if their shares aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on when it comes to team control.

The Jones interview

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Rodgers and the Packers likely have a two- to three-year window to win another Super Bowl. The team doesn’t have time to listen to the doubters. Former teammate James Jones remarked that not only will Rodgers “dominate” the season, but he’s also going to win the MVP award. Jones was downfield for Rodgers as they won the Super Bowl in 2011 and has a pretty good grasp on the QB’s potential.

The biggest knock against Green Bay in the Rodgers era is that they didn’t win a second title. But the team has done all they can. They’ve won the division nine times since 2009. Things simply haven’t come together in the playoffs more than once. Rodgers is a once-in-a-lifetime quarterback and Green Bay was lucky to draft him, but fans can’t stop feeling like they should’ve gotten more out of the deal.

The future of Green Bay

Whether Rodgers has simply lost a step (or something more) is a question worth asking. Green Bay has made it clear they’re looking for the future by drafting Love, but Rodgers isn’t ready to step off the field yet. Once Love is a better fit for the position, Rodgers will likely spend his twilight career years with another team. But this time hasn’t come yet.

Much like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, Rodgers has relied on his arm to make plays. He’s seldom gone for a rushing attempt and only seems to take them when the field is wide open. Manning and Brady played into their 40s and it’s possible Rodgers can too. So, 2020 may be his last season as a Packer, but it’s one where he should have a valid chance of competing for the championship.

The choice is in the capable hands of Aaron Rodgers. Since his very first season, doubters have questioned his reputation as a star. Even Green Bay fans initially said he couldn’t measure up to Favre. Whether Rodgers goes down as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time or simply a pretty good one hinges on the results of his next few seasons.