Will Anthony Davis Ever Shave His Unibrow?

If you’ve seen Anthony Davis play basketball, then there’s no doubt you’ve noticed something unique about him. And no, it probably wasn’t his spectacular defensive skills or range as a team player. The first thing that may have struck you was more than likely his impressive unibrow.

Because despite all of Davis’s acclaim as one of the greatest NBA players of our time, the unibrow is his trademark. In fact, some fans wonder if this unique facial hair is part of his magic. It’s no wonder the man refuses to shave it.

What you should know about Anthony Davis and his unibrow

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ESPN explains, “Since puberty, Davis has rocked a unibrow … Now the unusual fashion statement defines Davis’ image as much as his devastating defense and soft touch around the basket.” But the truth is Davis has always done things a little differently.

For instance, despite being 6-foot-8 as a junior in high school, he didn’t play for a highly competitive team. Instead, Davis chose to just do his best and hope someone would notice. And notice him they did, even if it took some time.

After playing in the Chicago Public League, NBA Sports reports, Davis was rated the No. 1 player in the class of 2011 by Scout.com and listed in the ESPNU 100. After he began playing on Tai Streets’ Meanstreets AAU team, the accolades started rolling in.

In August 2010, David competed in the Nike Global Challenge, scoring 23 points in the opening game. By then, he was universally recognized as the No. 1 player in the national class of 2011, easily securing a spot on the University of Kentucky’s world-renowned college basketball team.

From there, Davis won award after award for his unique style of play. Meanwhile, he also gained attention for his unique personality off the court. In 2012, Davis declared for the NBA draft.

The New Orleans Hornets chose him with the first overall pick. With his magnetic sportsmanship, dizzying drizzle, and passing ability, the NBA wasn’t ready for Davis. Nor were they ready for his unibrow.

Davis prepares to shave

In late March 2018, Davis put up a poll on his Twitter feed, asking fans whether or not he should shave his unibrow. CBS Sports explained, “It caught many by surprise, as Davis’ unibrow has become somewhat of a trademark for the NBA star.” To accompany the hullabaloo, the poll’s results came in: 51% of people voted “yes” to shave it off. 

So, just a few days later, Davis responded with a video on his Twitter account. It showed the athlete preparing to shave off his unibrow. Yet just when the big reveal was about to happen, the camera conveniently “fell,” leaving fans unsure of whether Davis really shaved “The Brow” or not.

Davis won’t change for anyone

Some pointed out that Davis posted the video on the eve of April Fool’s Day; others speculated that it might be a joke. SBNation followed up with a post that affirmed — and humored — many Davis followers. “Like everyone suspected, it was an April Fool’s prank.” So it seems like Davis’ unibrow isn’t going anywhere.

When ESPN Playbook inquired about his famous ‘brow and whether it would always be his thing, Davis swiftly replied, “Most definitely. I’m not going to change who I am. It’s me.” Yeah, that and being one of the best NBA players of the modern era.