Will Antonio Brown’s Latest Outburst Ruin His NFL Return?

The last several months have been nothing short of a whirlwind for star wide receiver Antonio Brown as he finds himself being on the outside looking to the NFL. His ongoing legal matters along with unpredictable behavior have led to him being in this tough situation regarding his future in the league. However, Brown’s latest rant concerning his current standing could have an impact on him ever donning another team’s uniform.

Antonio Brown’s downward spiral

Over the last several months, Brown went from being engrained as being a cornerstone piece in the puzzle for the Pittsburgh Steelers to out of the NFL after two short stints with the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots.

He has had several off-the-field issues come about that have led to him being without a job in the NFL. The hope was that he could get a fresh start with the Raiders, but that quickly unraveled as issues with his outdated helmet and conflict with general manager Mike Mayock proved to be the breaking point.

The Patriots took a chance on Brown, but a pair of sexual misconduct allegations led to his departure less than two weeks with the team. He has since filed grievances and appeals to the league to get the money back from his deals with his last two teams, but that has yet to go anywhere.

Brown is now set to meet with the NFL next week regarding the allegations against him, which he has voiced another emotional rant about the situation.

Antonio Brown doubles down on his stance

There have been plenty of twists and turns along the way for Brown over the last few months, which has led the NFL to investigate the legal matters around him.

With the league set to meet with Brown next week, it has brought forth some more frustration from the star wideout as he has taken to social media to voice that he’s done with playing in the league.


It marks the second time that Brown has stated that he’s done pursuing a return to the NFL through his social media accounts. The latest outburst could be due to the process taking longer than expected, along with the possibility of hearing there could be a punishment lined up for his actions off the field.

There is plenty that is still up in the air, which makes it difficult to gauge where Brown’s mindset is at this current juncture. Nonetheless, it does beg the question of whether this could be the last straw for the All-Pro wide receiver in the NFL.

What’s next for Antonio Brown?

Regardless of what Brown has stated on Thursday, he is still set to meet with the NFL at some point next week that will provide much-needed clarity to his situation.

He is growingly frustrated with the entire process, but it’s one that needs to be handled thoroughly and carefully given the serious allegations he faces. The completion of the investigation will provide the teams around the league an idea about whether it will be worth a shot to pursue bringing Brown aboard if there is a suspension or any lengthy punishment levied.

There is some keen interest in his services as it saw two of the game’s best quarterbacks in Russell Wilson and Tom Brady, make strong pushes to add him. What’s to say that there won’t be any others voicing the same sentiment to their respective organizations down the line?

It’s a tough situation all the way around as Brown has many hurdles to pass first if he wants to pursue an NFL return, but outbursts, like he had on Thursday, put another damper on that ever coming to fruition.