Will Cam Newton Make It to The NFL Hall of Fame?

Whether or not fashionista Cameron Jerrell Newton ever plays another snap for the Carolina Panthers, it’s safe to say the former Heisman Trophy winner is far from hanging up his spikes and stylish postgame, custom-made fedora. At age 30, even with a troubling foot injury, Cam Newton has long exhibited the desire to reach lofty goals such as the 2011 NCAA Championship, NFL MVP, and most rushing touchdowns by an NFL quarterback.

Carolina or bust for Cam Newton?

With Cam Newton’s current contract with Carolina, the star quarterback isn’t a free agent until the 2021 season. That said, the team has turned to Kyle Allen, a college star at the University of Houston and Texas A&M who signed as a free agent in 2018. Allen started in Week 3 of the 2019 season against the Arizona Cardinals and led the Panthers to a win while throwing four TDs and no interceptions. While Cam Newton rests with an uncertain return, Allen has been handed the reigns.

“What Cam needs right now is time and rest for his foot,” coach Ron Rivera told NFL.com. “We want him at 100 percent when he’s ready, so there’s no exact timetable for his return. At this point, we’re going to go forward with Kyle (Allen) as our starter.  Kyle’s performance was what we needed,” Rivera added. “What it does is it energizes us at a time (when) we needed a little bit of energy.”

Where’s the beef?

If Newton, a former No. 1 draft pick, has seen his last action in Charlotte, he will end his 125-game  tenure with the team with a win-loss record of 68-55-1 along with a shade over 29,000 passing yards. Newton has 182 TDs and 108 interceptions. As a mobile quarterback, Cam also has 4,806 rushing yards along with 58 TDs as a runner.

But if Cam Newton were to end his career at this point, is he Hall of Fame-worthy? The answer — probably not. He’s close, but comparing his stats to current HOF QBs, Newton needs to beef up his numbers. It wouldn’t hurt if No. 1 didn’t add a Super Bowl win to his credentials.

A close comparison is Kurt Warner, a Class of 2017 Hall of Famer who ended his career with 32,344 yards passing along with 208 TDs. Warner has a 1-1 record in Super Bowls (winner in Super Bowl 34, loser in Super Bowl 43) and two league MVP awards in his trophy room. Comparing Newton to Warner leaves Newton at least one season and perhaps either another MVP or Super Bowl appearance short.

Will Cam Newton be mile high or Cali bound?

If Cam Newton is looking beyond the 2019 season, he’d be wise to focus on health and set his sights on greener pastures. In 2020, he will be 31 and, if healthy and rested, the still-young superstar has at least three-five years left in his arm and legs. To achieve Hall of Fame numbers, though, the smart money is that Cam needs to take his act elsewhere.

Two logical places are Denver, where the Joe Flacco experiment is a bust, and Los Angeles, where Phillip Rivers of the Chargers turns 39 during the 2020 season. The Chargers would be an ideal fit for 2020 when the artists formerly known as the San Diego Chargers move into the brand-spankin’ new SoFi Stadium.

Is there anyone more Hollywood than Cam Newton? Not if you ask us.