Will Jerry Jones Regret Getting His Wish for the Dallas Cowboys Schedule?

Like every other NFL team this week, the Dallas Cowboys found out their schedule for the 2020 season. Before the schedule came out, though, Jerry Jones had a wish for it. He ultimately got what he wished for, but could he end up regretting it?

Jerry Jones wanted the Cowboys to open against the Rams

The Los Angeles Rams spent the last four seasons at the Coliseum, according to The Rams Wire. However, now they will have a new home at SoFi Stadium.

In February, David Helman of DallasCowboys.com reported that Jerry Jones wanted the Cowboys to help open the new stadium in LA. This would mean that the Rams would play their first home regular-season game against the Cowboys, which was very possible because the teams already knew that they were playing each other in 2020. They just didn’t know when they would play yet.

Jones actually played a big part in the Rams moving back to LA from St. Louis, according to The Rams Wire. He also helped push the deal for the Rams, Chargers, and Raiders to get new stadium deals. So, Jones wanting to help open the new stadium made a lot of sense.

The Cowboys could also help the Rams open the new stadium in a big way. The Rams and the Cowboys played in a preseason game, the first game when the Rams moved back to LA, in 2016, and it set an attendance record for the preseason, according to The Rams Wire.

So, the Cowboys helping the Rams open their new stadium would ultimately be great for the health of the NFL, and the health of the NFL in LA. This is, of course, assuming that some fans will be able to be in attendance at games this upcoming season.

Getting his wish

The NFL released each team’s schedule this week, and Jerry Jones got his wish. The Cowboys will travel to LA to play the Rams in Week 1.

The rest of the Cowboys’ schedule looks like this. They play at home against the Falcons in Week 2, away against the Seahawks in Week 3, home against the Cleveland Browns in Week 4, and home against both the New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals in Week 5 and Week 6. The Cowboys travel to the Washington Redskins in Week 7 and to the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 8. Dallas then hosts the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 9 before getting a bye in Week 10. In Week 11, the Cowboys travel to play the Minnesota Vikings, and they then host the Redskins in Week 12. They then play on the road against Baltimore Ravens in Week 13 and at the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 14. Dallas hosts the 49ers in Week 15 and the Eagles in Week 16. They then conclude the 2020 season in Week 17 on the road against the Giants.

Jones got what he wanted as his team plays the Rams on the road in Week 1. Will he ultimately regret it, though?

Jones will regret getting his wish for the Cowboys’ schedule

Jerry Jones got exactly what he wished for with the Dallas Cowboys' 2020 schedule. However, will he ultimately regret it?
Team owner Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys talks with the media during a press conference. | Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys were not good on the road last season. They went 3-5 in their opponents’ venues in 2019. So, why would Jerry Jones want his team to try and kick off a new season on the road? 

Additionally, the Rams were just an OK team last season. They went 9-7. However, they are only two seasons removed from going 13-3 in 2018 and reaching the Super Bowl. Their offense has been very explosive the last couple of seasons too. The Rams were second in scoring in 2018 as they averaged 32.9 points per game. In 2019, they were not as good, but they still ranked just outside of the top 10, averaging 24.6 points per game.

So, not only are the Cowboys not good on the road, but they must play an explosive offense that wants to open its new stadium in a big way. This could ultimately be a horrible start to the 2020 season for the Cowboys.

We all know that the Dallas Cowboys have all of the talent in the world. However, Jerry Jones could regret wanting to open the season in LA. One bad loss on the other side of the country in Week 1 could snowball and have lasting effects on the entire season. Mike McCarthy better have his boys ready to play.