Will Mike McCarthy Really Replace Jason Garrett as Cowboys Coach?

Following the end to a disappointing 2019 season, the Dallas Cowboys took several days to decided the fate of head coach Jason Garrett. Following a few meetings, the team has elected to finally part ways with Garrett on Sunday, effectively ending his 9 1/2 year tenure with the position for the franchise. It has put the Cowboys in the mix to find their next head coach early in their offseason with eyes towards finding the right person to lead their talented roster forward to Super Bowl contention.

One name has emerged as a possible choice, with former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy being a popular name on the open market. It opens up the possibility for him to step into the vacancy in Dallas.

Cowboys interview Mike McCarthy

It may have taken a week for the Cowboys to officially move from Garrett, but the team has already begun their leg work with interviews for their now open vacancy for the first time in over a decade.

The team quickly brought in some notable names for the job that includes McCarthy, who has already begun the rounds for the other openings around the NFL. He had spoken with the team on Saturday as they also had an interview with Marvin Lewis on the same day.

McCarthy has been out of the league for year after he was let go by the Packers after 13 years with the franchise. He has become a hot name on the open market due to his previous success and experience at the position that gives him credence over much of the available candidates.

That begs the question of whether the Cowboys have significant interest in McCarthy to step in as their next head coach.

Could Mike McCarthy be the Cowboys’ next head coach?

With this being their first dip back into the head coaching search in over a decade, the Cowboys are expected to do their due diligence with their next hire.

McCarthy’s name has already begun to stick, as Jay Glazer of Fox Sports is reporting that the former Packers head coach stayed an extra day in Dallas after his initial interview on Saturday. It’s hard to read too much into that at this point, but the fact that the team got a more extended look at him should be a little telling sign of what they think of him.

It’s well documented over the last several months that McCarthy has taken the approach of taking a closer look across the landscape of the league as he’s on the outside looking in. He has put himself in a spot where he could quickly make his way back in the league, and that could be without another historic franchise.

Would Mike McCarthy be the right hire for the Cowboys?

The Cowboys have hit the spot where their roster should be one that pushes their way into competing for more than just the NFC East. That makes the next head coach hire quite critical to the franchise’s future.

There will be those that point to McCarthy being out of the NFL for the 2019 season being a sign that there isn’t much interest in him. He has also faced fair criticism during his time in Green Bay for having a passive offense at times that contributed to the team’s lack of playoff success outside their Super Bowl run.

At the same juncture, his time away, combined with what he’s learned from his tenure with the Packers, could have altered his coaching approach. If the Cowboys hire him or another team altogether, it presents a chance for him to prove he can lead a team to the mountaintop of success.