Will Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson Soon Be the Highest Paid Quarterbacks in the NFL?

All the chatter has centered on Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes becoming the first quarterback in league history to possibly top over $200 million his next extension with the franchise. However, the focus will also begin to shift over to the Houston Texans star quarterback Deshaun Watson as his play could put him in the conversation to earn an extremely lucrative deal from his team. Regardless of how things unfold for the Texans the rest of the way in the playoffs, it looks like Watson could be headed to an enormous offseason in the coming months.

Deshaun Watson’s rise to stardom

Since entering the league in the 2017 NFL draft, Watson has quickly proven to be one of the most talented players at his position.

Although injuries hampered him through the first year of his career, he has moved past the torn ACL that he suffered in his rookie campaign. Watson has put together back-to-back, highly productive campaigns that saw him set numerous NFL records along the way.

That saw him become the first player to record at least 4,000 passing yards, 25 passing touchdowns, 500 rushing yards, and five rushing touchdowns in a single season. He is also the fastest player to reach 50 passing touchdowns and 10 rushing touchdowns (27 games), and the first player with multiple five touchdown passing games in his first two seasons.

Watson is a legitimate dual-threat option that the Texans have built their offense around that has made them a constant in the playoff picture. His play looks to have put him in line for something else even greater.

Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes getting big payday soon?

The significant impact that both Watson and Mahomes have had on their teams has put promising futures ahead of their respective franchises. It has also shifted questions around their long-term futures as they are in the third year of their rookie deals.

That will shortly put in play the need in ink them to extensions to keep them in place for the long haul. Adam Schefter of ESPN has voiced that both Watson and Mahomes are in a position to garner lucrative deals in the coming months.

Mahomes and Watson are in line for contract extensions this offseason that could reset the quarterback position and how NFL deals are done.

It’s widely expected that the Chiefs could make Mahomes the first 200 million quarterback, but Watson may not be far behind in that department. There have been reports that the Texans are looking to secure a new long-term deal with the Clemson product, which he will likely use whatever the former league MVP gets from Kansas City as a benchmark.

There is still much that will unfold during the offseason, but it a near certainty that Watson and Mahomes will be walking into the 2020 campaigns with two of the biggest contracts in NFL history.

Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes are NFL future at quarterback

Beyond the lucrative extensions that lie ahead, they have proven to possess the talent to be the face of their generation.

Mahomes has already taken a significant step forward in that manner after becoming the youngest MVP winner as his play continues to tantalize. Meanwhile, Watson has shown to be the real deal following his impressive collegiate career by leading the Texans to much success in his brief NFL career.

Sunday’s matchup will be another chapter in what could be a long rivalry between these two quarterbacks vying for the top spot in the AFC for the next decade alongside Lamar Jackson. The future is bright with the next generation with players like Mahomes and Watson heading the charge in what could be a highly entertaining next era in the league.