Will Tom Brady Ever Become an NFL Coach?

Tom Brady is currently defying the odds by being a successful NFL quarterback well after the age of 40. No matter how long he cheats Father Time, however, at some point Brady will have to retire. The question is what Brady will do with himself once he does. 

Based on Brady’s football acumen, it might make sense for him to become an NFL head coach. Is there a possibility of that happening? 

Tom Brady’s thoughts on coaching

When the Patriots drafted Brady out of the University of Michigan, few would have pegged him as a future Hall of Famer and six-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback. But he’s done just that. When his playing career wraps up in a few years, he’ll likely be able to do anything he likes. 

That includes coaching football. It would be hard to imagine every team passing up the opportunity to at least add Brady to their staff if he was interested. The question is, would he be? 

According to Brady, the answer is a resounding no. 

Brady recently presented his friend, former teammate, and current Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel with a trophy for beating the New England Patriots last year. Reporters asked Brady if he’d ever go into coaching (reported by NBCSportsBoston.com via ProFootballTalk): 

“Brady was asked during Thursday’s session with reporters if he sees himself following in Vrabel’s footsteps once his career is over.

‘Oh hell no, I’m never coaching. Playing is enough for me,’ Brady said, via NBCSportsBoston.com.”

It’s not a surprising response. While Brady is clearly in love with the game as a player, coaching adds an entirely new level of scrutiny and pressure. When his playing career is finished, coaching just adds another level of stress he does not want to endure. 

So what will Brady do with his time when he retires? 

Tom Brady’s business endeavors and potential life after football

In early August of this year, Brady made a deal regarding his business pursuits

“Tom Brady has signed with William Morris Endeavor talent agency for off-field representation. Brady’s off-field endeavors include TB12, his performance brand that includes his TB12 facility, exercise equipment and his book. TB12 plans to open new facilities in New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Toronto.” 

TB12 is Brady’s lifestyle and performance business. It appears that he plans to pursue that after he retires. It’s more of a motivational, self-improvement track than head coaching or announcing. It will likely be successful – it’s hard to think of someone more people would like to emulate than Brady. His on-field results serve as the brand’s most effective advertisement. 

Other successful quarterbacks who have become head coaches

There are few quarterbacks in history on Brady’s level who have become successful head coaches. For whatever reason, it’s not a position that attracts top tier quarterbacks. There have been quarterbacks of varying success levels during their playing career who have gone on to become coaches, however: 

  • Doug Pederson, a backup quarterback for years, coached the Philadelphia Eagles to a championship in 2017
  • Jim Harbaugh, a former quarterback for the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts, coached the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL and currently coaches the Big Ten’s Michigan Wolverines in NCAA football. 
  • Otto Graham, Hall of Fame Browns quarterback, coached the Redskins from 1966-1968
  • Hall of Famer Bart Starr coached the team he played for, the Green Bay Packers, from 1975-1983. He only managed a winning percentage of .408. 
  • Former Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants backup quarterback Jason Garrett is the current coach of the Dallas Cowboys. 

Brady, much like most other Hall of Fame-level quarterbacks, doesn’t appear to want anything to do with the NFL’s head coaching ranks. Not many quarterbacks of his skill level do.