These Are the Worst Team Mascots in the History of Professional Sports

When you’re discussing sports mascots, all the same adjectives you use to describe people also apply. Mascots are interesting, creative, and fun. They are bizarre-looking, downright weird, and sometimes scary, too. From MLB to the NBA to the NFL and beyond, these are the worst team mascots in the history of professional sports.

We’ll go international for a look at a terrible mascot (page 11), but be sure to check out a major NFL blunder (page 6) along the way.

1. Bolt Man

Bolt Man is pretty cringe-worthy. | Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Team: Los Angeles Chargers

League: NFL

When your logo is a lightning bolt, your options for a mascot costume are pretty limited. We’ll give credit to Bolt Man for trying, but this is still one of the worst team mascots we’ve ever seen. The elongated face, furrowed brow, and gritting teeth make this mascot look like a prototype costume from the Jim Carrey movie The Mask.

Next: The name is A-plus, but the execution is terrible.

2. Stuff the Magic Dragon

Stuff the Magic Dragon is one busy-looking mascot. | Manuela Davies/Getty Images

Team: Orlando Magic

League: NBA

We love the name Stuff the Magic Dragon, especially for an NBA team. But there is just too much going on here that puts Stuff among the worst team mascots out there. Between the neon green fur, electric blue hair, pink wings and ears, and star-shaped antennae, Stuff looks like what someone creates at the last minute as a deadline looms.

Next: There are two things wrong with this mascot.

3. Screech

Screech really doesn’t look like a bald eagle to us. | Larry French/Getty Images for DC Central Kitchen’s Capital Food Fight

Team: Washington Nationals

League: MLB

The way we see it, there are two things wrong with Screech that make it one of the worst team mascots we’ve ever seen.

  • It’s named after one of the worst TV characters ever.
  • Screech is supposed to be a bald eagle, but it looks more like a hen with a growth hormone imbalance.

Next: We don’t understand why the fans love this mascot so much.

4. Sir Saint

For some reason, people love Sir Saint. | Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Team: New Orleans Saints

League: NFL

The New Orleans Saints have a lot of logos from their history. Sir Saint is one of them, and if you believe the fan voting it’s one of the most loved. What we don’t understand is, why? The pencil-thin mustache gives him a classic movie-villain vibe, and the oversized chin looks an untreated goiter.

Next: The color scheme is all wrong.

5. Stinger

Stinger’s colors seem a bit off to us. | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Team: Columbus Blue Jackets

League: NHL

As a team name, Blue Jackets is unique and original. If the team is called the BLUE Jackets, then why in the world is the mascot GREEN? The color scheme is all wrong and it doesn’t make any sense, which is why we call Stinger one of the worst team mascots in the world of sports.

Next: This NFL team missed the mark and made a gigantic blunder.

6. T-Rac

We have no idea what’s going on here either. | Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Team: Tennessee Titans

League: NFL

OK, we get having a raccoon as a mascot because the raccoon is Tennessee’s state animal, but the team totally missed the mark. The Titans could have picked any of the 12 best Greek gods, but instead, they went with a raccoon, an animal everyone associates with garbage picking and rabies.

Next: This mascot’s googly eyes are the least of its problems.

7. Blue

But which one is the real blue? | Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Team: Indianapolis Colts

League: NFL

Blue’s oversized, googly eyes are the least of its problems. It looks like a nightmare come to life, and the name could use a little work. Is it called Blue because that’s the Colts’ main color? Or is the mascot depressed? If it’s the latter, we can sympathize. The Colts are hard to watch, and they’re wasting the prime of once-in-a-generation quarterback Andrew Luck.

Next: A TV show cast-off is one of the worst team mascots we can imagine.

8. Wally the Green Monster

Wally the Green Monster isn’t much to look at. | Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Team: Boston Red Sox

League: MLB

The Boston Red Sox started playing at Fenway Park with its famous Green Monster outfield wall in 1912. Wally the Green Monster came along 85 years later. You’d think with all that time in between the club would be able to concoct something that doesn’t look like a cast-off from The Muppets, but apparently, it couldn’t.

Next: We have some questions.

9. Burnie

We don’t even know where to begin with Burnie.| Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

Team: Miami Heat

League: NBA

Hey there, Miami Heat, can we ask you a few questions? What’s the deal with your mascot, Burnie? Is this a miscolored bear? On overweight flamingo dyed orange? How long did it take to concoct one of the worst team mascots in America? And on a completely separate note, why do you also have one of the worst fanbases in the NBA?

Next: Calling the costume department.

10. Slamson the Lion

Slamson lives up to his name. | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Team: Sacramento Kings

League: NBA

Just like with the Orlando Magic’s Stuff the Magic Dragon mascot, we applaud the Kings for coming up with a creative name. And just like the Magic, we have to wonder how Slamson’s appearance came about. It looks like they literally resurrected the Cowardly Lion costume from The Wizard of Oz and didn’t bother updating it at all.

Next: This team should be able to afford a better mascot.

11. Gunnersaurus

Arsenal can do better than Gunnersaurus Rex.| Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Team: Arsenal

League: English Premier League

Over in England, soccer club Arsenal has one of the worst team mascots we can imagine. We understand having a mascot appeals to younger fans (and sells more merchandise), but we’re not sure how green dinosaur with an elongated neck and a stubby tail aligns with a team nicknamed the Gunners. You’d think one of the most valuable soccer teams on Earth would be able to afford something better.