Would You Eat These Foods From Your Favorite Athletes?

Professional athletes dedicate their lives to honing and perfecting their bodies. And yet, off the field, they often spend their time endorsing or even creating junk food products to sell to the rest of us. Just take a look at these products sold by some of your favorite athletes.

Maria Sharapova’s Sugarpova candy 

Tennis star, Maria Sharapova has a sweet tooth, or at the very least, she wants you to. The five-time grand slam singles champion founded a candy company, Sugarpova, with her agent seven years ago.

With a red lip icon on every package, she sells designer candy and chocolates from gummies shaped like high heeled shoes to run cherry truffles. 

Rob Gronkowski’s Gronk Flakes

After appearing on the cover of ESPN The Magazine and Sports Illustrated, the Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski decided to use his fame in 2012 to sell cereal.

The aptly named, Gronk Flakes sold in New England Stop & Shop stores, and proceeds went to charity. Gronkowski even joked that his cereal would build muscles. “If you want to be buff like me, you’ll eat that stuff,” he told Boston reporter Jeff Howe

Dale Jr. Potato Chips

What’s more exciting than watching a NASCAR race? How about watching a NASCAR race while eating zesty flavors like Carolina Barbecue and Creole & Green Onion?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. hoped that would be exactly what you’d do when he created his line of potato chips. Although they’re no longer available, every bag was graced with a copy of Earnhardt’s signature and a heartfelt message from the race car driver himself. 

Dale Earnhardt’s Big Mo’ candy bar

Before Earnhardt launched his potato chips, he attempted to sell another snack food, the Big Mo’ candy bar. His photo and signature were on the wrapper, and inside the chocolate was filled with either peanut butter or caramel.

The name came from Earnhardt’s hometown of Mooresville, N.C., which Earnhardt and his buddies called the “Dirty Mo.” However, just like his chips, the Big Mo’ bar is no longer available. 

Earl Campbell Meat Products

After a successful NFL career, Saints running back, Earl Campbell traded football for sausage. In 1990, he founded Earl Campbell Meat Products Inc. and started selling everything from hot links to barbecue sauce.

He tried to expand his meats into the restaurant business, but after only two years, he had to close the doors. Campbell’s meats, however, are still on the market. 

Tim Horton’s donuts

Legendary hockey player, Tim Horton’s donut and coffee stores are so popular in Canada, they’re often compared to Starbucks. Hockey is a major sport in Canada, so it makes sense that one of their most popular athletes would be from the sport.

Horton opened his first shop in 1964, while he was still playing in the NHL. He passed away in 1974, but his name lives on through his shops, which are still booming across Canada. 

Retired candy bars from retired athletes

Over the years, a number of professional athletes have introduced candy bars that are now a part of history. Yankees player Mike Mussina had the Moose Bar, which was said to actually be a tasty candy, but now that Mussina is retired, the candy is no more.

Another Yankee great, Reggie Jackson had the Reggie! Bar. It was so popular that Bon Appetit added the Reggie! Bar to their list of candies with a cult following, but it’s no longer available today. There’s also the Reggie White bar from the NFL player of the same name, and the Mark Price bar from the NBA player.

Both candies are no longer around. Unfortunately, naming a candy after a popular athlete doesn’t guarantee long term success, especially after the player retires.