Would You Pay $7.3 Million for a Patrick Mahomes Trading Card Collection?

While collecting sports cards may not be the go-to hobby for children like it once was, the industry is still doing well. With an exciting young crop of NFL talent, many collectors are dying to get their hands on their cards. One couple saw the signs of Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes‘ greatness in college. Since his rookie year, they’ve embarked on collecting his one-of-a-kind cards. Now, they’re looking for a massive payoff.

A couple forecasts Patrick Mahomes’ greatness

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs smiles
Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs smiles | David Eulitt/Getty Images

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As TMZ reports, Texas Tech fans Robert DeArmitt Jr. and his wife, Heidi, began to collect Mahomes memorabilia how investors collect stocks. While not cheap, they began scouring the market for valuable cards as soon as the Chiefs drafted him. As the 10th overall pick, Mahomes had a set of lofty expectations, but greatness in the NFL is never guaranteed. 

From one-of-a-kind cards featuring his signature and his jersey patches, they started collecting in 2017 when Mahomes was still just a bench player. They already had a lofty collection, including a $300 card they acquired after his first start. Mahomes had just one game under his belt after his rookie season. But the DeArmitt’s knew they had a possible goldmine

They’d already spent hundreds of dollars on cards that they figured would go up in value as soon as Mahomes got consistent minutes. In 2018, that wish came to fruition. 

Betting it all on Mahomes via a trading card collection

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Spending hundreds of dollars on pieces of cardboard may seem like a bad investment. But after Mahomes’ breakout year in 2018, the DeArmitts had the last laugh. Mahomes didn’t just play like a potential star. He took the field and immediately showed he was a superstar in the making. With every new feat, the value of those cards the couple bought went up. 

Throwing over 5,000 yards for TDs and just 12 interceptions, Mahomes was the surefire MVP for the 2018 season. Despite an early playoff loss to the Patriots, however, Mahomes was already one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. According to the couple, the $300 card they bought after his rookie season rose over 1,000 times its original value to over $400k. 

The couple claims to have invested over $20,000 in Mahomes cards with the hopes that it’ll set them up for the future. Coming off of a Super Bowl season and currently contending for another shot at glory, the investment may not seem as silly as it did three years ago. Mahomes is showing that he’s even better than he was his first two years as a starter. Now at the height of his success, the DeArmitt’s hope to sell off the collection for a hefty sum. 

How much will they make? 

According to Robert, he’s already gotten several seven-figure offers for his collection, which is currently listed on eBay for $7.5 million. The 33-card set includes several Panini cards that are mostly one-of-a-kind prints that cannot be found elsewhere. Despite being a relic of the past, sports cards have seen a slight comeback in recent years on the adult market. 

While these types of numbers are typically reserved for superstars of a bygone era, a recent trend of high-value autographs and patches on cards have often yielded lucrative results. Time will tell whether the couple will get what they are asking for, but the fact that it’s even a possibility shows that the trading card industry is somewhere that it hasn’t been in years. However, if they cannot sell the cards, the $20,000 investment might be one of their biggest regrets.