You Won’t Believe How Many Kids Muhammad Ali Has Fathered

Muhammad Ali put forth a legendary career in the ring that saw him earn the reputation as one of the greatest athletes of all-time. Ali has remained a huge source of inspiration for the many generations that have followed him well around the sports world outside of the boxing realm. He was an incredible talent in the squared circle that reached greatness, but he also had a busy life away from his craft that saw him garner a huge family.

Muhammad Ali put forth legendary boxing career

Muhammad Ali had nothing short than an incredible career in the ring that featured many memorable and tremendous performances against notable boxers.

Although he had three years of his career lost due to refusing to be drafted into the military that cost him his boxing license, the Hall of Famer came back to put forth many more exhilarating fights. That included his trilogy of bouts against Joe Frazier and “The Rumble in the Jungle” against George Foreman. He may not have been the same fighter at the tail end of his career; it doesn’t overlook the impressive run that he has had in the squared circle.

Beyond his ability with his craft, Ali had the charisma and persona that enamored fans. He was among the best at his trash-talking that got into his opponents and backed up entirely in the ring. He was the complete package boxer that was rose to the cream of the crop in the sport and earned every ounce of his success and popularity. His life was also quite busy away from the ring that saw him garner quite the extended immediate family over the years.

Muhammad Ali has fathered nine children

Muhammad Ali reached great heights during his boxing career that included establishing a large family away from the ring.

Throughout his life, Ali was married four times with his fourth wife, Yolanda Williams, being with him in 1986 to his passing in 2016. He fathered nine children between his relationships with seven daughters and two sons with two children coming with women outside of marriage.

The most famous of his children is Laila Ali, who put forth an impressive boxing career that saw her finish with an unblemished 24-record with 21 knockouts. That includes holding the WIBA & WBC Super Middleweight titles, and IWBF Light Heavyweight title. She retired in 2007 with a career that extended over roughly eight years.

Ali had an extended family that kept him busy outside the ring during his career and helped take care of him later in life as he dealt with Parkinson’s Disease before his passing.

Muhammad Ali’s everlasting legacy


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Well beyond his career in the ring, Muhammad Ali has a tremendously strong legacy that has continued to be a steady source of inspiration for many.

Ali put forth an everlasting legacy that has helped shaped the world of sports while his social activism brought another element of his legacy. He was more than an athlete as his outspokenness helped open the door to many others after him to take up that route beyond their profession.

He has been the gold standard for many in boxing as he has helped revolutionize the sport with his ability and his infamous banter. Ali was a one-of-a-kind fighter who had no equal to the impact he had in sports. Simply put, he has forever cemented himself as an icon.