You Won’t Believe What O.J. Simpson Is Doing Now

O.J. Simpson has experienced vast highs and lows. If you’ve wondered what he’s been doing since his release from prison, you’ll want to read on. Simpson is in a comfortable spot; he still provides sports commentary and holds the occasional autograph session.

The former NFL running back has built quite a social media presence and seems to be living a relatively quiet life. His impact on sports and criminal history can’t be denied, however, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

History and O.J. Simpson

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Simpson was a star running back for the Buffalo Bills after a stellar football career at USC. He won the Heisman Trophy in 1968 and set a number of individual and team records.

The athlete’s career with the Bills includes setting the record for single-season yards gained rushing in 1973, which held until 1984. Simpson also set the record for most touchdowns scored in 1975, which did not get broken until 1983. By the time Simpson retired from football in 1979, he ranked second all-time for yards gained.

Simpson then moved into acting and commentary. His turns in movies and commercials formed much of the media landscape for fans in the ’70s and ’80s. However, in the ’90s, Simpson’s fame took a dark turn. He was accused and tried in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman outside of Brown Simpson’s L.A. home.

The former NFL star was acquitted but not before leading police on one of the most shocking freeway chases — yet occurring at reasonable speeds — and being the center of the longest trial in California’s history.

O.J. Simpson signs autographs as he leaves the Clark County Regional Justice Center in 2008
O.J. Simpson signs autographs outside Clark County Regional Justice Center in 2008 | Jae C. Hong-Pool/Getty Images

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You’d think this would be enough for Simpson to lay low. In 2007, however, he took part in a bizarre robbery in Las Vegas. The NFL alum and his accomplices broke into a hotel room because they thought the sports memorabilia dealers staying there had items belonging to Simpson.

Events like this might fly in a movie. But they didn’t fly with a Nevada jury, which sentenced him to nine to 33 years. Simpson received parole in 2017 after serving as a model prisoner, reports NPR.

What O.J. Simpson is doing now

Currently, Simpson lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. He settled there after the Florida state attorney general advised the board of corrections that Simpson was not welcome to stay in the Sunshine State. Simpson had planned to move to Florida after his release because he has family there.

As he was no longer welcome in Florida, and he was still under the watchful eye of Nevada for his parole, Simpson moved to Las Vegas instead. The former NFL star occasionally holds memorabilia autograph sessions, details TMZ, such as the not-so-secret gatherings he held in a Vegas hotel in 2017 when he signed memorabilia for a couple of hours.

Sessions like these provide income. However, they may also be a target for seizure as Simpson still owes several million dollars in judgments to Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman’s families. Simpson has generous pensions from the NFL and Screen Actors Guild, details Town & Country. He makes money from TV interviews, too.

And don’t forget: Now that Simpson is in his seventies, Social Security also contributes to his monthly income. All in all, the former athlete receives a tidy amount of money each month. A lot of it is not in danger of being seized to pay those judgments.

Simpson on social media

But probably Simpson’s most visible role now is on Twitter, where he holds commentary regarding sports, including fantasy football. He currently has nearly one million followers and posts short videos about personnel changes, weekly wrap-ups, and more.

Simpson joined the platform in June 2019 and has a steady posting schedule. He also spends time on his golf game.

His life may be one of controversy, but for now, he seems to have settled into a routine he likes. This allows him to see his kids while maintaining good standing with Nevada parole officials. After the past couple of decades, this is no doubt a welcome respite.