You Won’t Believe Why George Foreman Named so Many Kids George

George Foreman is regarded as one of the greatest heavyweight fighters that the world of boxing has ever had. Foreman put forth a highly successful career that has been impressively followed by an incredible journey after his days in the squared circle, where he has significantly prospered financially. However, his time in the ring played a significant part in how he went about naming his children over the years. That has seen several of his kids named George for a particular reason..

George Foreman’s boxing career

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Since stepping into the ring for his first professional fight back in 1969, George Foreman quickly pushed his way to stardom in the sport.

Foreman got it off to an impressive start with 13 wins in his first year with 11 coming by way of a knockout. That saw him put forth a career where he earned 76 wins to five losses while garnering the world heavyweight title twice. That included Foreman retiring in the prime at age 28 than came back a decade later to box for another 10 years after that.

It saw him compile a 31-3 record over the final decade of his fighting days, which included him winning the WBA and IBF heavyweight titles at age 45 by knocking out a 26-year-old Michael Moorer. That made him the oldest fighter to win that title. Foreman successfully defended the title three times after that point before retiring a second and final time in 1997. Foreman is one of the most iconic fighters in boxing history.

Why George Foreman named many of his children George

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George Foreman put forth a career that spanned nearly three decades that saw him fight well into his 40s.

During his lengthy career, Foreman had a busy life away from the ring that saw him father 10 kids with two adopted daughters. That saw him go the route of naming all five of his boys George and one girl Georgetta for the simple fact so that it would be easy to remember. (H/T CBN)

GEORGE FOREMAN: I named all my sons George Edward Foreman. And I tell people, “If you’re going to get hit as many times as I’ve been hit by Mohammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, Evander Holyfield – you’re not going to remember many names.

SCOTT ROSS: And the girls?

GEORGE FOREMAN: There’s Georgetta, there’s Freda George, and at one point my wife said, “Look, I’ll remember their names.”  (He laughs) There’s Meechie, Natalie and Leola. 

It’s quite incredible to see anybody go that route; it’s multiple children named after him, which is extremely uncommon. Given his profession, it shouldn’t be a total surprise due to the numerous hits he has taken to his head in the squared circle.

George Foreman’s life after boxing

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George Foreman put forth a legendary career in the ring, but he topped that with what he did out of the ring with his George Foreman grill.

He has been a spokesperson for the product over he last couple of decades that helped him make millions of dollars. It initially saw him get paid $138 million in 1999 Salton, Inc. to use his name for the production that has now pushed him well over $200 million from the deal.

It may have been a long path, but Foreman has come out the other end in a strong position being secured financially and moving through his older age without much issue. He has made the most of his situation despite having a huge family to look after over the years.