Zion Williamson Predicts the Age He Will Stop Dunking

In the last few years, Zion Williamson has made a name for himself as one of the most explosive in-game dunkers. Williamson‘s game is far more than just that, but his ability to throw down some ferocious slams has been a huge crowd-pleasing part of his game that has made him such a popular player. It’s something that is going to continue to be a part of what makes him must-watch tv anytime that he’s on the floor. With that subject in mind, Williamson has revealed when he believes he will stop dunking.

Zion Williamson’s rise to stardom

Through his brief time in the national spotlight, Williamson has made a name for himself behind his impressive play on the floor.

The 19-year-old is a freakish athlete that has incredible physical attributes that have made him a tantalizing player to watch. At any moment, he can make a memorable play behind his unique skill set, and what most have been drawn to is his dunking ability.

There isn’t another player that has that type of athleticism at his size that is currently in the NBA. He has been compared to the likes of Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, but it could be argued that Williamson’s physicality and strength could be at another level.

That has put his dunking at the central focus as it’s the first thing that catches the eye of the casual fan. With that in mind, Williamson recently gave an interesting answer about how long he believes he will continue to dunk.

Zion Williamson predicts when he will stop dunking

Throughout any NBA player’s career, their athletic ability dwindles with the more time that they get on the floor, and the further along he moves down the line.

There have been many players before Williamson that have shown a unique, innate ability to dunk. It’s something that is going to be a part of his game for years to come, which he interestingly enough voiced during an interview with Complex News during All-Star weekend that he believes he will stop dunking at age 45.

“I’m going to say 45. I might have a little more but by that age, I am not trying to hurt myself dunking.

That’s likely his youthfulness talking that has yet to go through the years of physical wear and tear. However, it shows that he wants to be able to throw dunk throughout his career. His projected time frame would put him several years removed from the league, even if he plays 20 seasons.

At that point, dunking a basketball will be just something to show his friend and his peers that he can still do.

Zion Williamson’s bright NBA future

Throughout the last few years that he has garnered national attention, Williamson has embraced being known for his dunking ability. However, he’s ready to prove that he’s much more than that.

He has used his physical ability to help score near the rim, but as he ages and develops his game, that could see him become an all-around asset on the low block. At some point, there will need to be a focus on using his skill set rather than primarily relying on his athleticism to beat his opponent.

That could also go a long way in helping him put together a longer career and avoid lingering injuries. It’s something that the Pelicans will emphasize with Williamson to get the most out of him and away from the injury bug.

Beyond all that, he has a bright future ahead of him as he’s play from the get-go has proven. Time will tell if he can develop further into a true bonafide star in the league for years to come.