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Sports are serious, fun, competitive, and memorable, and at Sportscasting, we strive to thrill and entertain readers with our content the same way the games do. We cover rumors, stats, players, trades, teams, and trends in all the major sports and beyond. If it’s happening in the world of sports, then we’re on it. Our site launched in early 2019, so we are new to the game, but we want to be the top destination for the best coverage you’ll find anywhere online.

Meet Our Team

Kyle Dalton, Sportscasting

Kyle Dalton

Sportscasting Senior Writer/Team Lead

I'm a lifelong Texan and a sports junkie. If my TV is on, it's a sports channel. If I'm not watching sports, I'm writing about it. Sometimes I do both while checking my Twitter feed full of stories about athletes. I've got a problem. Twitter: @kdsportswriter

Jack Dougherty, Sportscasting

Jack Dougherty

Sportscasting Writer

Long-suffering Philadelphia sports fan. If you bet on red in roulette, I can't trust you.

Sportscasting writer Jake Elman

Jake Elman

Sportscasting Writer

I am a Florida resident and sports writer. When I am not writing, I live with my two dogs: Jack and Karma. Twitter: @JakeElman97

Bob Garcia, Sportscasting

Bob Garcia

Sportscasting Staff Writer

Growing up, sports has been my passion, being engulfed in all things NBA, NFL, and MLB. When I'm not watching or writing about sports, I'm spending time with my family and friends.

Joe Kozlowski, Sportscasting

Joe Kozlowski

Sportscasting Staff Writer/Team Lead

I'm a native New Yorker, Arsenal supporter, and goalie union member. Nice guy, tries hard, loves the game.

Ashish Mathur, Sportscasting

Ashish Mathur

Sportscasting Writer

Just a kid from Chicago who loves the NBA and NFL. Studied psychology in college but somehow managed to shift to sports journalism.

John Moriello, Sportscasting

John Moriello

Sportscasting Writer

A recovering ink-stained wretch in Upstate New York still in pursuit of that elusive first Strat-O-Matic no-hitter after four decades of rolling the dice.

Luke Norris

Sportscasting Writer

Just a simple Midwest guy that enjoys the beautiful things in life: sports (obviously), a nice glass of wine or whiskey, the sound you hear when you hit a golf ball just right and, of course, my family and friends. The order of that list just depends on the day.

Will Pitts, Sportscasting

Will Pitts

Sportscasting Writer

When I'm not writing about sports I'm usually drawing blue hedgehogs on my tablet. I'm not sure if this is something I should be admitting publicly but it's out there.

William Ricks, Sportscasting

Will Ricks

Sportscasting Writer

A writing perfectionist and considered a sports junkie by many, which is perfectly fine. When I'm not consumed in sports, catch me playing video games, taking pictures, or updating my clothing wardrobe. I am the OG and will be respected as such.

Jason Rossi

Sportscasting Managing Editor

Husband, father. Sandwich artist, burger maestro. Cooking and golf are the same to me – I love both but am not good at either. Yes, I will see High on Fire with you.

Sportscasting writer Stephen Sheehan.

Stephen Sheehan

Sportscasting Staff Writer

Born in Connecticut, grew up in South Florida and traveled the world playing and coaching rugby along the way. Love fitness, food and football. In some order.

Sportscasting Writer Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas

Sportscasting Staff Writer

Proud dad of two high school female athletes. Born and raised in New England, but somehow managed to find a way to always root for the Wisconsin teams. Overall, just a tough guy to figure out.

Sportscasting writer David Wysong.

David Wysong

Sportscasting Writer

I enjoy hot takes just as much as I enjoy watching sports. I'm a University of Cincinnati journalism grad as I covered their athletic program for four years and wrote many articles critical of Tommy Tuberville. I love college sports, the NFL, MLB, and the NBA, and yes I also enjoy watching trash reality TV with my wife