Kyle Larson and Kyle Busch race at Indy.

So, you want to learn how to bet on NASCAR, but you aren’t sure where to begin. NASCAR betting involves much more than simply picking your favorite driver, assuming you want a good shot at winning bets. From understanding the wide range of NASCAR betting markets to knowing which lines you should select for competitive odds, there are a lot of complex moving parts when you bet on NASCAR online.

Below is a complete guide that will walk you through everything from using an online sportsbook to learning how the odds value system works in NASCAR betting. By the end of this article, you will be in a position to confidently place your first bets on NASCAR races.

How To Bet on NASCAR

If you enjoy stock car auto racing, then you might want to put that fondness to use with some NASCAR betting. NASCAR events take place from February through November, giving you plenty of opportunities.

To go about betting on NASCAR, here is what you do:

  1. Select your favorite sports betting site and create an account – a simple, straightforward process.
  2. Make your first deposit and claim the welcome bonus; more information about this can be found on the sportsbook’s promotions/bonus page.
  3. Head to the NASCAR betting section of the sportsbook. You will find this within the Motor Sports category.
  4. Choose an event that you wish to bet on, like the Toyota Owners 400.
  5. Pick which bet you want to make for the specific race. For example, you may bet on Kyle Larson finishing in the Top 3 at +225.
  6. Submit your bet, add additional ones if you wish to create a parlay, then watch the race.
  7. Sit back, enjoy the race, and watch as the fruits of your knowledge trickle in.

To have the access to best odds, it is often recommended to have betting accounts with multiple sportsbooks. This way, you get to shop for the best value across different betting sites, alongside enjoying a wider range of bonuses and promotions.

The Different NASCAR Series

If you want to learn how to bet on NASCAR, you need to know how the biggest series work within the NASCAR season. The main three NASCAR series include the following:

  • The Craftsman Truck Series: The Craftsman Truck Series began in 1995, featuring a 36-car field. The top teams include Kyle Busch Motorsports, GMS Racing, and Thorsport Racing.
  • The NASCAR Xfinity Series: The Xfinity Series has been around since the 1980s, offering an 80-car field. Today’s stars include Joe Gibbs Racing, JR Motorsports, and Kaulig Racing.
  • The NASCAR Cup Series Championship: The NASCAR Cup Series began in 1949 and is the pinnacle of The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. Some of the top winning teams in the 36-race schedule include Joe Gibbs Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, Stewart-Haas Racing, and Team Penske. The NASCAR Cup Series ranges from 37 to 40-car fields.

You also have international series in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Europe should you find yourself looking to add some more thrill in your NASCAR betting experience. The odds in these tournaments may be higher than the ones in American series as bookmakers may not spend that much time or research in setting the lines.

How To Read NASCAR Odds

To understand how NASCAR betting works, you must be able to read race-winner odds, which can be more confusing than you would think.

NASCAR race odds are opposite from just about all other sports betting markets. Typically, with sports betting, the favorite has a minus sign next to the odds value showing how much you must wager in order to profit. With NASCAR betting, the favorite has a plus sign instead, showing how much you can profit if you bet $100.

An example of nascar moneyline betting markets

Let’s look at an example. If Denny Hamlin of the Joe Gibbs Racing is favored at +130 to win the Goodyear 400, you would need to bet $100 to receive $230 back, meaning your profit would be $130.

NASCAR bettors receive these more favorable odds because so many unpredictable events can happen in a live race, like mechanical failures, car accidents, and pit crew mistakes. To account for these external factors not related to the driver, the best offshore sportsbooks have such high odds for NASCAR.

Occasionally, you will see minus odds as well. The minus symbol depicts how much you must wager to win $100. For example, -200 means you must first wager $200 to leave with $300. These unfavorable odds typically only appear with low-risk bets, like wagering on a driver coming in the top 10 positions, rather than winning. For example, Kyle Larson of the Hendrick Motorsports may be pegged at -135 to finish top 4 in Wurth 400.

NASCAR odds are based on several factors like the driver’s current form, their track record, driver matchups, the event track, and team performance. You can use these numbers to see a driver’s odds to win a NASCAR race and how they match up against other drivers or teams to understand qualifications within an event.

Between qualifying races, NASCAR team dynamics, pit crews, and more, NASCAR betting can take some time to get the hang of. The best way you can learn how to bet on NASCAR races is by selecting a certain track and looking at driver stats. From here, you can research key details leading up to race week so you can place your first bet confidently.

NASCAR Betting Lines – Basic Bets

To create your own NASCAR betting strategies, you need to understand how the different types of bets work. Each has varying advantages and risks.

NASCAR betting usually revolves around wagering on the race winner, but you can do so in many nuanced ways. From betting on entire teams to who will take the first five places in the NASCAR Cup, NASCAR betting goes far beyond the outright winner.

The main three NASCAR series provide odds that you can track to place weekly wagers on upcoming races. Odds will vary based on the type of bet you’re placing. The main betting lines in NASCAR include the following:

Moneyline: To Win Race

Moneyline betting is one of the most popular NASCAR bets. With a moneyline bet, you place a wager on the outright winner of the NASCAR event, essentially betting on the singular winning car. The odds for a moneyline bet are usually based on the track’s history and the driver’s form, though the numbers will fluctuate as people bet on different drivers.

When you place moneyline bets, you will find a list of driver names, each with odds assigned to them. As more fans choose the favored driver, you can expect these numbers to move.

Here’s an example of moneyline odds:

  • Kyle Larson +600
  • William Bryon +500
  • Ross Chastain +750

Podium Finish

The podium finish NASCAR betting option gives you a bit more leeway, as the driver you bet on does not need to finish in first place for your bet to pay out. Instead, you are simply wagering on whether the driver will finish on the podium, which is the first three places of the event. Podium finish bets offer fewer risks than moneylines but also come with lower payouts as the odds are typically much shorter.

If you want to begin with an easy first bet, many recommend choosing a podium finish. Odds will still be displayed showing the values next to each driver’s name, but you will usually see lower numbers.

Here’s an example of podium finish odds:

  • Kyle Larson +200
  • William Bryon +175
  • Ross Chastain +225

Position Betting: Top 4/5/10

Similar to podium betting, you can also bet on a driver finishing in the top 4, 5, or 10 positions of a race. Position NASCAR betting can be a good idea if you think the driver will do well during the race but do not feel confident in them being the winning car. By betting on them placing in the top 5 or 10, you can reduce your risks of losses, though you will not earn as much if you win.

The odds for position bets are even shorter than podium bets because the risks favor the fans. Because of the lower risks, you’ll see lower payouts, typically with minus symbols.

Here’s what the odds may look like for a position bet prop:

  • Kyle Larson: Top 4 (+300), Top 5 (+100), Top 10 (-200)
  • William Bryon: Top 4 (+350), Top 5 (+150), Top 10 (-150)

Stage Winners

If you want to know how to bet on NASCAR race events as a beginner, you can probably stop here. But if you want to learn a few of the more advanced betting props, let’s continue.

NASCAR races are typically divided into stages. Some NASCAR sportsbooks allow you to bet on which driver will win each stage. Betting on NASCAR stage winners requires a decent understanding of track strategies, pit crew schedules, driver behaviors, and more.

Head-to-Head Matchup Betting and Speed Lanes

With head-to-head bets, or driver matchups, the NASCAR betting sites puts two drivers against each other, allowing you to bet on which one you think will finish ahead of the other. To win matchup bets, the driver you select doesn’t need to win the race; they simply need to finish ahead of the other driver.

Speed lanes work similarly to matchup bets but involve three or more drivers, making them more complex. Speed lanes and matchups bets can be less risky than moneylines since you’re only betting on the outcome of a handful of drivers, rather than every racer in the event. Because of this, you may see shorter odds and smaller payouts.

Here’s an example of what the odds may look like for a head-to-head matchup:

  • Kyle Larson +110 vs. William Bryon -130

This market is similar to the match-up betting in golf.

Group Betting

With group betting, you bet on NASCAR teams rather than individual drivers. NASCAR teams all use the same equipment so, in theory, they should finish in similar positions. If you think a specific team has a solid track record and a good chance of winning, you can lower your risk by betting on a group of cars instead of just one.

Most sportsbooks display odds for group betting in the same way they would for individual drivers. Here’s an example of odds for a group bet:

  • Joe Gibbs Racing +350
  • Team Penske +250
  • Hendrick Motorsports +175

Futures Betting

NASCAR betting futures are typically offered at the start of the season, where you can place wagers on events that will occur later on. The most popular futures bet is the series championship, but when you bet on NASCAR online you can find numerous options.

The odds for NASCAR futures begin very steep at the beginning of the season because of all the unknowns that may pop up in the coming weeks. Throughout the season, the odds for futures bets will fluctuate and be reduced as drivers are eliminated during the playoffs.

NASCAR futures can offer the biggest rewards but come with the highest risks when placed at the beginning of the season. Here’s an example of the odds for a futures bet:

  • Kyle Larson +527
  • William Bryon +650
  • Ross Chastain +725

Manufacturer Betting

Manufacturer NASCAR betting is a simple, fun prop bet where you wager on the type of car the winning driver will be using. For example, you can bet that the winning car will be a Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford, etc. Of course, this type of betting still requires an understanding of competitive odds, manufacturer’s performance, and driver records to be successful.


Parlays are common in many legal sports betting markets. With a parlay, you combine multiple bets to increase your potential payout total. In order to receive the payout, every qualifying wager in your parlay must win.

For example, you could place your first bet on Kyle Larson coming in the top three. He drives a Chevrolet Camaro, so you could also place a prop bet on the winning car being a Chevrolet. Because you created a parlay, you would get a much higher payout if Kyle Larson wins the race.

When you bet on NASCAR online, you’ll have the option to build parlays as you track your bets. As you do so, you can manage odds.

Live Betting

With NASCAR betting online, you can often find sportsbooks that adjust the odds in real time as the race unfolds. Such sportsbooks provide live betting options, allowing you to place your wagers as the odds change and the event plays out. NASCAR live odds adjust constantly, giving you a much clearer picture of where to place your bets.

You can typically find in-play wagering on numerous types of bets, including moneylines, podium bets, group bets, and more.

Other Prop Bets

When you bet on NASCAR online, you can explore many more niche bets on nearly every aspect of the race. Here are just a few examples:

  • The pole position: The pole position is considered the most favorable starting point at the beginning of any NASCAR race. You can bet on which driver will get this spot.
  • The number of crashes or flags: Rather than betting on the game’s outcome, you can place wagers on how many times drivers will wreck or receive flags during the event.
  • The winning number: Instead of picking the race winner, you can bet on which car – marked by a number – will finish the highest out of all Ford vehicles or all Toyotas, and so on.

NASCAR Betting Tips and Strategies

NASCAR betting isn’t all about simply playing the odds. If you want to learn how to bet on NASCAR online, you need to understand all of the strategies involved in placing successful bets. From shopping around for the best bonus bet offers to knowing how different tracks can affect different drivers, a lot goes into every bet you will place.

An example of different racing statistics for NASCAR

Before you place your first bet, we recommend conducting thorough research on the event and driver you’re interested in. Here are the top NASCAR betting strategies and tips to keep in mind:

  • Understand the tracks: Not all NASCAR events are the same. In a 36-race schedule, you may see 1-mile tracks, superspeedways, 2-mile tracks, road courses, and more. While one driver may have a history of excelling on the 1.5-mile track, they may not do so well on the 2-mile Michigan International Speedway, so you must understand these differences.
  • Don’t underestimate momentum: Momentum is very real in the world of NASCAR racing. When a driver suddenly gets a couple of wins in a row, it may mean that the tuning on their vehicle is finally perfect and their confidence is now high, so you should pay attention. The same goes for after a few losses as it implies something may not be right with the car, thus affecting the form of the driver.
  • Research and know the stats: While momentum and hunch feelings may help you decide between two similar drivers, the hard figures mean the most. Statistics on previous races and calculated odds are typically your best friends when placing weekly wagers. Official NASCAR statistics can be found on NASCAR’s site. To this, consider visiting Driver Averages for a more granular look into the races.
  • Teamwork is key: NASCAR may not seem like a team sport, but a driver’s team can make or break their performance. The driver’s pit crew, spotters, and track team not only keep up morale but ensure that the vehicle functions properly for the race. If the team faces any issues before or during the race, you should be prepared to adjust your bets.
  • Be aware of driver motivation: All drivers have different motivations for a race. Some want to win, while others just want to qualify for playoffs or promote brand deals. If your driver doesn’t want to win, you shouldn’t bet on them to come in first.
  • Account for the weather: Weather greatly affects race outcomes. For example, hot temperatures can make the track more slick, potentially leading to unpredictable accidents. You should always research the weather on the day of the race before placing bets.
  • Know the field: Drivers perform differently on varying fields, particularly with different length tracks and varying weather patterns. The Ona Speedway in West Virginia is completely different from the Daytona International Speedway and so on. Hence, it is crucial to match the driver’s abilities with the intricacies of the racing tracks.
  • Stay up-to-date with track trends: Track trends show you who’s currently on fire right now. You should always stay on top of this data. With this, you might want to make it a habit of following NASCAR news to stay abreast of all trends. Off-field developments can very well impact on-field performance.
  • Shop around for odds: Odds vary a bit between sportsbooks. You should shop around on a few different betting websites to find the most favorable odds with great bonus bets and other promotions to increase your winning potential.
  • Check driver form at individual tracks and over individual distances: Any driver’s form is going to vary on different tracks and across different distances. You need to check these varying data points before betting on their performance for a specific race.
  • Use practice and qualifying as a guide: A driver’s practice and qualifying rounds show a great indication of how they will perform during the race since they’re driving under similar conditions. While you cannot always rely on these outcomes, you can use them as a guide.
  • Be aware of pit strategy: Different teams and drivers have varying pit strategies that can greatly affect things like stage bets. You need to understand a driver’s pit stop strategy before you bet on them to win the first stage.
  • Play it safe and strategically, particularly at the start: As you begin placing your first bets, start with lower-risk options, like position bets, podium finishes, or matchups rather than futures bets. By playing it safe in the beginning, you can learn the ropes and gain more exposure to the sport.
  • Bet responsibly: Responsible betting involves knowing how to set your limits so you can reduce your losses and protect your mental health. We offer resources on this below.

Things To Avoid When Betting on NASCAR Races

Betting on NASCAR also requires knowing what you should avoid for successful payouts. We recommend the following:

  • Don’t back drivers who struggle at a particular track: If a driver has not yet figured out how to perform successfully on a certain track or type of track, you may not want to bet on them when they race there, even if they often win everywhere else.
  • Don’t always back favorites: Your favorite driver is not always going to win. With so many factors affecting race outcomes, you need to approach NASCAR betting with a non-biased mindset.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of track type: Track types directly impact how drivers perform. One driver may excel on the West Virginia short track but fail on the street course in Chicago..
  • Don’t back long shots at certain tracks: Some tracks have much more predictable outcomes than others. In these scenarios, you typically don’t want to bother betting on the underdogs because your odds are even more slim.
  • Don’t gamble without a strategy: Irrespective of the sport, successful bettors always walk on the side of discipline, patience, and strategies. From not betting under influence to never going about chasing their losses, there is a fair bit of mental element to betting. Always bet with sound logic rather than relying on emotions.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling ensures that you can enjoy sports betting in a healthy, financially responsible way by setting limits on your spending and gaming time. You can use various responsible gambling tools and resources to keep your gambling in check. For example, many sportsbooks offer timeout limits, deposit limits, and loss or spending limits you can set in advance to protect your finances and mental health.

If you need additional responsible gambling resources or support, please see the following:

Final Thoughts on NASCAR Sports Betting

NASCAR betting involves many nuanced unpredictables, making it seem quite difficult from an outsider’s perspective. Once you learn about all the different betting lines, factors affecting race day, and odds calculations, the sport no longer seems too complex.

As long as you have a baseline understanding of how to develop your own strategy for tracking a driver’s performance, you’ll be ready to place your first bet. Now that you know how to bet on NASCAR races, you can pick your favorite sportsbook and start reading odds.


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