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Throughout the NASCAR community, Bubba Wallace is known as a driver who wears his emotions on his sleeves. His personality is rather similar to his father’s, and that has led to the occasional bit of internal friction.

That relationship with his dad, Darrell Wallace Sr., once grew even more heated after a physical altercation that followed an intense argument with his mother.

Bubba Wallace’s father played a pivotal role in his racing career

Bubba Wallace’s journey to become a full-time NASCAR driver was assisted by his family’s support. His father, Darrell Wallace Sr., helped guide him down the path that has led him to become the first Black driver with a full-time Cup Series gig since 1971.

However, the relationship between the two hasn’t always been smooth. It grew especially heated after a physical altercation.

Bubba Wallace and Darrell Wallace Sr. once got into a physical altercation

During an interview on The Dale Jr. Download podcast in October 2019, Wallace revealed when his relationship with his dad took a nosedive.

He said his mother confessed that she and his father “got into it,” which fired him up emotionally and led to the fight.

“The light switch went off. I got in my truck and went over and fought my dad, like swinging fists, just did before I thought. A physical altercation,” Wallace said. “For 15 years of racing, it was me and him. And then that day, that was it.”

Wallace added that he had attempted to stay out of his parents’ issues as much as possible before they split up. However, he couldn’t help himself in that situation.

The driver has plenty of affection for his mother, who he has called the backbone of his life. And at that moment, he had simply reached a breaking point with his father, leading to the physical confrontation.

The 29-year-old added that the fight with his dad significantly impacted their relationship. However, the two have since gotten to a better place with one another.

Relationship with his father is improving

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Since the altercation, Bubba Wallace has seen his relationship with his father improve. Darrell Wallace Sr. has been around his son more over the last couple of years.

In the same interview on The Dale Jr. Download Podcast, he said their relationship is progressing well, though there have admittedly been some bumps in the road (h/t NBC Sports.)

“This year, finally, my dad and I are making some progress,” Wallace said. “My dad is super hard-headed to talk to and just to make him understand things. I still love him to death, no matter what, right, wrong, or indifferent, he’s still my dad.

“Multiple times I did [extend an olive branch to his father]. His favorite saying is, ‘Time shall heal all wounds.’ I’d say, ‘Hey man, wanna talk?’ He’d say, ‘Time shall heal all wounds.’ A couple months later, ‘Hey man, wanna talk?’ He’d say, ‘Time shall heal all wounds.’ You still have a little bit of that awkward tension there.”

It may not be the ideal father-son relationship, but at least it’s moving in the right direction.