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Connecticut lawmakers want to legalize betting on collegiate teams while also introducing stricter gambling laws

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Initially, Connecticut lawmakers could not come together on House Bill 5284. A conference committee was created and they made File No. 271 as its replacement. Recently, it was moved through the committee and is being passed along to the House. 

File No. 271 would help Connecticut have an entirely different plan for how wagering is regulated in the state. Additionally, Connecticut would have a stricter gambling market, similar to  Massachusetts. One major part of  File No. 271 is that it will allow Connecticut residents to bet on collegiate teams. 

This was previously illegal but lawmakers are letting that be part of this new legislation. However, collegiate prop betting is still forbidden and the NCAA is working to get all legal gambling states to ban that. It’s been an issue in the past and there were a few instances of that in the last calendar year.

What strict laws are detailed in File No. 271?

First off, the Bill would prevent marketers from using minors and celebrities in gambling ads. On top of that, sporting betting ads would be banned in places where the majority of the viewers are under 21. Connecticut lawmakers have made it clear that they do not want sports gambling content to be seen by anyone who is not of age to be gambling. 

For example, those over 18 can participate in fantasy sports and lottery games. However, they cannot bet on sports or play casino games until 21. Companies would be prohibited from broadcasting ads that contain “misleading or confusing language.”

Betting on collegiate teams will be allowed in File No. 271

In the past, betting on any collegiate sports was prohibited in Connecticut. Now, lawmakers have decided that betting on collegiate teams will be part of this new legislation. It’s worth noting that they are not changing their stance on prop-bets for collegiate athletes. The NCAA will continue to work with lawmakers around the country and get collegiate prop bets permanently banned. 

A few months ago, the former Alabama baseball head coach received a 15-year ban from the NCAA for his involvement in a betting scandal. In March, a basketball game involving the Temple Owls was flagged by many sportsbooks. There was suspicious gambling activity before the game started. The spread for that game spiked very quickly and was highly unusual.

The University of Connecticut is looking to improve Gampel Pavilion, seeking $100 million

After their recent success in the NCAA tournament, UConn is looking to make major renovations to Gampel Pavilion. Home of their men’s and women’s basketball teams. The women’s team made it to the Final Four this season where they lost a tough game to Iowa. UConn’s men’s basketball program led by head coach Danny Hurley is a back-to-back National Champion and has his team thriving. 

The University hopes that their success off the court can persuade lawmakers. Governor Ned Lamont thinks UConn will be able to ”sway” the legislature.

I think they’ll have a certain sway with the legislature if I had to make a guess, I also think you’re also going to be maybe in a good position to raise some private money,” – Governor Ned Lamont said last week

As a whole, the university is looking to collect $650 million in additional bonding over the next five years. They have plans to renovate other parts of their campus. Including a new life sciences building and renovations to upgrade existing buildings.