ESPN”s Brooke Pryor Lists Pat Freiermuth As Player Who Most Surprised At Pittsburgh Steelers Minicamp

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The Pittsburgh Steelers need another receiver weapon after George Pickens.

The Steelers may still make a move and acquire a WR in the offseason.

However, if they don’t, there will be a need for a player on the team to step up and be a reliable number-two target in the offense.

Pat Freiermuth is the starting Tight End for the Steelers.

ESPN’s Brooke Pryor has raved about Freiermuth and listed him as the player who has most surprised during minicamps.

We examine if Freiermuth can emerge as a reliable number two target or if the Steelers should try and acquire another reliable weapon.

Brooke Pryor Lists Pat Freiermuth Player Who Most Surprised At Steelers Minicamp

ESPN’s Brooke Pryor raved about Freiermuth in minicamps.

She said, “Arthur Smith’s offense is a tight end’s dream, and it’s already waking up Freiermuth from a nightmare of a 2023 season.”

Pryor went on to say Freiermuth has shown early signs of good chemistry with QB Russell Wilson through offseason workouts.

Brooke said regarding the lack of WRs behind Pickens: “The Steelers don’t have a solid WR2 option, but that might not matter as much if Freiermuth continues on the kind of upward trajectory he established this offseason.”

Steelers fans will be thrilled to hear Freiermuth is having a good offseason and hope this translates into the season.

Will Pat Freiermuth Be A Reliable Number Two Target Or Should The Steelers Try And Acquire Another Target?

Looking good in the offseason is one thing.

Freiermuth will need to show he can be a reliable number two target when it matters, beginning in week 1.

The Steelers desperately need a second reliable target.

Freiermuth recorded 60 or more receptions in each of his first two seasons but saw his numbers dip big time last year.

Pryor mentioned his down season last year by saying “Hampered by a nagging hamstring injury and playing in a disjointed offense, Freiermuth had a career-low 32 catches for 308 yards, less than half of his output from 2022.”

If Freiermuth can have a bounce-back season, the Steelers’ need for a second WR becomes less dire.

However, the Steelers can not count on him to be a reliable number-two target all season.

Freiermuth does not have speed and has struggled to create separation and get open.

Sure, the scheme was terrible last year but he is not as athletic as some of the top tight ends in the league are.

The Steelers would be wise to try and acquire another reliable target in the offseason.

They have been rumored all offseason to be tied to San Francisco 49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk.

The Steelers should ask the price of Aiyuk if the 49ers make him available via trade.

While Brooke’s report of Freiermuth is encouraging, the Steelers would still be wise to try and acquire a legitimate number two target this offseason.