Ex-NFL QB Bernie Kosar Sues BIGPLAY Over Bet That Cost Him Browns Radio Job

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Ex-NFL QB Bernie Kosar Sues BIGPLAY Over Bet That Cost Him Browns Radio Job

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar, who lost his job as a voice on the team’s pregame radio show last year after he violated NFL rules by placing a ceremonial wager on a sports betting app, is suing podcasting company BIGPLAY for allegedly forcing him to make that bet, according to court documents.

Former NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar is seeking $850,000 in damages, $25,000 in attorneys’ fees

Kosar, 60, filed a civil lawsuit in April against BIGPLAY and co-manager Kendall Myles. According to The Athletic’s Amos Morale III, the ex-NFL quarterback is seeking damages in excess of $850,000 and about $25,000 in attorneys’ fees.

Kosar alleged the company breached its contract with him and Myles “verbally assaulted” him and attempted to threaten him to get Kosar to agree to change the terms of his deal with BIGPLAY.

In the suit, filed in Cuyahoga County Court, Kosar alleged Myles and BIGPLAY co-manager David McAllester told Kosar at a charity event on Dec. 31, 2022, that he would have to place a $19,000 bet on the Browns to win a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

According to the suit, as part of his contract with the podcasting company, Kosar was required to place a wager on the Tipico sports betting app, which was a partner to BIGPLAY.

Kosar’s lawyer said the contract “guaranteed that Mr. Kosar would ‘not be liable, nor responsible, for the amount of the wager nor will be entitled to any winnings that may occur as a result of the wager.’”

NFL’s gambling policy prohibits all personnel from betting on league games

According to the NFL’s gambling policy, team employees are prohibited from betting on NFL games. Days after the charity event, the Browns fired Kosar.

Per the NFL’s gambling policy for personnel:

“All NFL Personnel are prohibited from placing, soliciting, or facilitating any bet, whether directly or indirectly through a third-party, on any NFL game, practice or other event. This includes betting on game outcome, statistics, score, performance of any individual participant, or any other kind of ‘proposition bet’ on which wagering is offered.”

Kosar included other instances in the suit in which BIGPLAY failed to honor their agreement with him. In addition to hosting the “Bernie Kosar Show,” the Ohio native was required to attend two promotional events per quarter.

In the lawsuit, Kosar alleged that Myles “attempted to force” him to attend events during the NFL season, including a couple that were scheduled on game days.

Kosar said he met with Myles to explain why his role with the Browns left him unavailable on game days. During that meeting, Myles attempted to renegotiate the terms of their agreement.

Kosar alleged that Myles verbally assaulted him at Burke Lakefront Airport

On Sept. 19, 2023, Kosar was sent a proposal to amend the original contract, which he did not agree to. Within hours, Kosar said he was verbally assaulted by Myles at Burke Lakefront Airport.

Per Morale III, he alleged that Myles was “yelling at him so closely, he was spitting in his face, while threatening him” and that Myles told Kosar he “owned him” and threatened to hit him.

Furthermore, Kosar alleged Myles handed him a “Mutual Termination Agreement.” Days later, the ex-NFL quarterback was told that if he did not sign the agreement he would be fired and sued.

Kosar said he received written notice of the termination of his agreement with BIGPLAY on Sept. 24, 2023, and at the time, the company owed him roughly $150,000.

He alleged that these events led to him losing his personal services contract with the Browns worth $200,000.

An attorney from the law firm representing BIGPLAY and Myles said Kosar’s claims are untrue.

“We look forward to the opportunity to defend our clients in court,” attorney Brian Nally said in a statement. “Otherwise, our policy is not to comment further on pending litigation.”