Four Players From Top Argentine Soccer Team Arrested For Allegedly Drugging And Assaulting Woman

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Velez Sarsfield soccer players

Four players from Argentine soccer team Velez Sarsfield were suspended by their Primera División club on March 7 following a complaint of sexual assault, which led to them being taken into custody at the request of the public prosecutor who asked that they be kept in jail.

Paraguayan international midfielder José Florentin (27, 3 caps), Uruguayan international goalkeeper Sebastian Sosa (37, 1 cap), and Argentinians Braian Cufré (27, left-back) and forward Abiel Osorio (21), all suspended by their soccer club, Velez Sarsfield following an accusation of sexual assault made against them before they were taken into custody last Monday evening.

They are awaiting a judge’s decision on whether they should be remanded in custody for the duration of the investigation into the case, which is what the public prosecutor’s office has requested. The complaint was filed by a 24-year-old sports journalist who claims to have been assaulted on March 3 in a Tucuman hotel room, where she had been invited by Sebastian Sosa, who was staying in the hotel with the three other players.

Tests to determine whether the complainant was drugged

“After having had a few drinks, she started to feel ill, very dizzy, so she lay down on one of the beds as if she were numb, and it was then that, without any consent, she was sexually assaulted,” reads the complaint filed by her lawyer, Patricia Neme. According to Neme, there is ” sufficient evidence” to justify remand in custody, as the accused have ” sufficient economic means ” to flee the country.

On Monday, Velez Sarsfield took note of the suspension of the four players’ contracts and “reiterated its utmost concern about the facts reported, which are clearly contrary to the principles and values of our institution. ” According to the Clarin newspaper, the results of toxicological tests to determine whether the complainant was drugged are not expected to be known for another twenty days.

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