Gambler Placed $1 Bet On Dallas Cowboys To Go Winless This Season

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Gambler Placed $1 Bet On Dallas Cowboys To Go Winless This Season

One gambler has placed a spiteful $1 bet down on the Dallas Cowboys to go winless at 0-17 in the 2024 NFL season, according to FanDuel Sportsbook. The wager would pay out $1,001 if America’s Team fails to win a single game.

Dallas Cowboys finished 0-11-1 in the 1960 season under head coach Tom Landry

The Cowboys have won 12 games in each of their last three seasons. Although the ‘Boys have been notorious playoff chokers dating back to the Bill Parcels era, they’ve still managed to win at least four games each season this century.

Only the 2008 Detroit Lions (0-16) and 2017 Cleveland Browns (0-16) have finished an entire season without a single victory over the last four decades. The 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-14) and 1982 Baltimore Colts (0-8-1 in strike-shortened season) went winless as well.

However, the Cowboys did go 0-11-1 in the 1960 season under head coach Tom Landry. Dallas finished last in the Western Conference and in the NFL for that season.

Since ties did not count as a half-win/half-loss at the time, the Cowboys became the first post-World War II team in league history to have a .000 winning percentage.

The Dallas Texans also finished 1-11 in their only season in 1952. The club relocated to Baltimore after that season and rebranded as the Colts.

Anyway, the 2024 Cowboys are scheduled to face a battle-tested AFC North and last season’s NFC Championship Game teams: the Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers.

At least Dallas will have a chance to win games against the NFC South. The Tampa Bay Bucs won the division last season with a 9-8 record led by veteran quarterback Baker Mayfield. Dallas will also get to play against a Carolina Panthers team that went 2-15 in 2023. 

Cowboys will have to lose out against their NFC East rivals for the gambler to win this bet

Ignoring non-divisional opponents, the Cowboys already have an edge in matchups with the New York Giants and Washington Commanders. Since 2021, Dallas is 5-1 against Washington and 6-1 versus the G-Men.

Dallas outscored the Giants and Commanders by 135 combined points in four victories last season.

This gambler needs both NFC East rivals to upset the Cowboys twice. While the bettor has a longshot of winning, this $1 bet makes sense. If worst case scenario that Dallas wins a game, the gambler loses just a buck. 

Though, one could argue that the Cowboys were the wrong pick for this bet. The 2023 New England Patriots went 4-13 under eight-time Super Bowl champion coach Bill Belichick. It was the hoodie’s last season coaching the franchise before the organization parted ways with him.

Without legendary quarterback Tom Brady and coach Belichick, the Patriots are more likely to go winless in the 2024 season than any other team. A rookie quarterback added into the mix only helps bolster this prediction.

It should be noted that no NFL team has ever gone 0-17 in a single season. If Dallas pulls it off, this would all unfold during a contract year for coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Dak Prescott.