Ja Morant Wrongly Criticized For Gun Celebration That Was Actually NOT A Gun-Related Celebration

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Ja Morant Gun Celebration
Ja Morant Gun Celebration

Ja Morant was the subject of controversy once again after beating the Pelicans by one in overtime. The Memphis Grizzlies star was criticized for celebrating a dunk by pretending to spray bullets in the crowd and putting a bazooka on his shoulder.

That, of course, would have been problematic if it was true. Morant has had issues with guns in the past and served a significant suspension to being the 2023/24 NBA season as result of his repeated gun-related incidents.

Neither of those things were true. Morant’s celebration in the Big Easy had nothing to do with guns.

Anyone who was outraged was incorrect. They assumed the worst of someone because of his past without having any knowledge of the truth!

Here is the celebration in question:

Ja Morant was playing in New Orleans. His celebration mocked the local crowd — who knew exactly what was happening — by hitting a local Louisiana bounce.

He was rocking his hips. Not shooting a gun.

For example:

Morant saw all of the manufactured outrage and targeted anger online after the game. He immediately set the record straight.

However, because people refuse to do their research on a specific topic before jumping to conclusions, multiple publications and sports personalities did not think to check with Morant. They did not see his post on X. They have no knowledge of the New Orleans dance.

It was easier to get angry at Ja Morant for something that looked to be anger-worthy instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt. His previous gun incidents were dumb. He suffered the consequences.

Morant is not stupid enough to turn back around from his suspension and immediately mock the league. That would not have gone over well. He knows that. He did not take any shots — pun intended — at Adam Silver.

Ja Morant’s celebration had nothing to do with guns. Everybody chill!