Justin Fields Struggling In Camp

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Russell Wilson and Justin Fields enter camp in competition to become the starting QB for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Wilson was signed first, then the Steelers traded away Kenny Pickett, and then Pittsburgh acquired Fields to backup Wilson.

Even though Wilson was given the “pole position” to be the starter, the Steelers still consider the offseason a competition between the two for the starting job.

According to Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s Ray Fittipaldo, Fields is struggling with accuracy in camp.

Below, we will discuss Fields struggling in camp, whether Fields still has a shot to win the starting job, and if the Steelers still carve out a role for Fields if he is not the starter.

Justin Fields Struggling In Camp

Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s Ray Fittipaldo says Fields is struggling with accuracy in camp.

He said “Unless Russell Wilson is really bad in the preseason games, this is his job. Fields, from what I’ve seen, you know they’ve had a month of spring practice this year, he’s a terrific athlete. But the mocks against him that I heard coming in actually turned out to be true. He’s not terribly accurate with the ball, his placement isn’t all that great.”

Fields is struggling with accuracy in camp, something he has been criticized for while in Chicago.

In Arthur Smith’s offense, Pittsburgh will run the ball a lot but play action will be a big part of the offense and Fields is struggling with ball placement.

It is difficult to be a starting-caliber QB and win games if you are not an accurate thrower.

Fields struggling in camp does not bode well for his chances to be the starting QB.

Does Fields Have A Shot To Win The Starting Job?

While the offseason is far from over and training camp begins at the end of July, Fields’ early struggles in camp do not bode well for him to win the starting job.

Pittsburgh has already said Wilson is in “pole position” to be the starting QB and with Fields struggling, it looks like Wilson is widening the gap.

It is going to take Wilson struggling mightily in training camp and preseason or an injury to Wilson for Fields to get the starting gig.

It is looking more and more like Wilson will be under center in week one for the Steelers.

Will Fields Get Involved In Games If He Is Not The Starting QB?

While Ray Fittipaldo mentioned Fields’ struggles with accuracy, he acknowledged how excellent of an athlete Fields is.

It is going to be difficult for the Steelers to keep Fields on the sideline all game given just how athletic he is.

So the Steelers and Arthur Smith will need to come up with schemes and plays to get Fields involved in the game despite not starting.

This could be on package plays on third or fourth and short.

Fields would be a dangerous weapon at the goalline with Harris or Warren.

Wilson does not have the legs he once had in his prime, so using Fields at the goalline or on third or fourth and short would be an issue for opposing defenses.

The Steelers will need to involve Fields in a series or two per game to throw off opposing defenses.

Wilson will start and play the majority of the game but Fields can be used in special packages or when the Steelers need to get “cute”.

Fields is just too good of an athlete to keep him on the sideline all game and Pittsburgh would be wise to create special packages and schemes to use his ability during games.