Police Investigating Lazio Fans Accused Of Throwing Up Nazi Salutes In Germany

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Lazio fans

German police have announced an investigation into Nazi salutes allegedly thrown up by fans from Italy in a Munich brewery on Monday evening ahead of the Champions League Round of 16 second leg between Bayern and Lazio on Tuesday.
On Tuesday evening, German police announced that they had started an investigation after Lazio supporters were seen on Monday evening making Nazi salutes in Hofbräuhaus, the building in Munich where Adolf Hitler staged the “Beer Hall Putsch” in a failed attempt to seize the government in 123.

“An operation at the Hofbräuhaus can be confirmed. Due to the ongoing investigation, nothing more can be said at this time,” Munich police told AFP on Tuesday.

Germany has strict laws against symbolism associated with the Nazi party, which includes the salutes in question. 

“There were already Lazio fans in Munich on Monday, March 4,at several locations in the city and also at the Hofbräuhaus. From 6 p.m. onwards, the Munich police were in front of and inside the Hofbräuhaus. This is a routine occurrence in the run-up to a soccer match or major event,” the brewery told AFP before adding, “Should any unconstitutional or xenophobic behavior have taken place, we condemn it in the strongest possible terms.”

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