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Massachusetts plans to add Bally Bet in June for another mobile sports gambling option

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In Massachusetts, there are currently six legal mobile sports gambling markets. They include DraftKings, ESPN Bet, FanDuel, Fanatics, Caesars, and BetMGM. The state used to have BetWynn but they’ve ceased operations. Another online sports betting app is set to go live in the next few months. 

It was announced that Bally’s plans to launch Bally Bet in Massachusetts this June. This comes 15 months after the market had officially opened. Bally’s COO Brett Calapp spoke in person with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. He noted that “it’s taken us some time to get here”.

Bally’s will have a Massachusetts Sports Gambling license and they’ll be a smaller market in the state. Industry leaders like DraftKings and FanDuel dominate the current market in Massachusetts. It’s going to be an uphill battle for Bally Bet to stay relevant. Will they be able to survive in a highly competitive field?

Can Bally Bet survive in a tough online sports gambling market?

In February, DraftKings made up 50.9% of all mobile bets in Massachusetts. Proving just how dominant they are in that state. Additionally, FanDuel made up 30% of all mobile bets in February. That’s more than 80% of the entire online sports gambling handle. How is Bally Bet going to survive in Massachusetts with those statistics? 

Additionally, ESPN Bet will be vying for the same new customers as Bally Bet. It’s been a competitive market in Massachusetts and some companies have had to shut down their operations in the state. BetWynn and Betr left in February. On top of that, Betway decided against launching a mobile sports gambling app in the state. 

Matthew Waters from Legal Sports Report noted this is not the first time Massachusetts residents have thought about going to Rhode Island to place their bets. In March, Bally’s legalized online casino games in Rhode Island. They hold a monopoly in Rhode Island and own both of the state’s casinos. 

Back in 2019, Little Rhody was opened in Rhode Island. Residents on the border of Massachusetts would drive into the state to place legal bets. Bally’s will now pay $1 million annually for a license in Massachusetts. Waters thinks they want to cross-sell to the customers in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission wants to drive customers away from using illegal markets

Jordan Maynard, the interim chair for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, had this to say about illegal markets in the state.

We believe that to stamp out the illegal market and give people the protections that Massachusetts provides, it’s good to have options.” – Jordan Maynard

If the Massachusetts Gaming Commission wanted to have options, they’ve done that by adding Bally Bet as a mobile sports gambling market. There are now seven legal online sports betting apps in the state. Plenty of options for the citizens of Massachusetts to choose from.