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‘Million Dollar’ Marco Wins $3.2M As Timberwolves Complete Parlay

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'Million Dollar' Marco Wins $3.2M As Timberwolves Complete Parlay

“Million Dollar” Marco Piemonte won a $3.2 million parlay at DraftKings Sportsbook on Tuesday after the Minnesota Timberwolves stunned the Dallas Mavericks in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals.

“Million Dollar” Marco Piemonte bet $200,000 on a 15-1 parlay that was comprised of three MLB wagers, one NBA bet

Piemonte wagered $200,000 on a 15-1 parlay that consisted of four bets, including three MLB wagers on Monday: the Giants (-135) to beat the Phillies, Rockies (+100) to upset the Guardians, and Nationals (+110) over the Braves.

The Rockies won 8-6 and the Nationals and Giants each earned victories with 8-4 scores.

For the final leg of the parlay, the Timberwolves had to win Game 4 away. Minnesota entered Tuesday’s elimination game with +110 odds to beat the Mavericks on the road in the Western Conference finals.

Piemonte posted on his Instagram account that if Minnesota won Game 4, he would give away a car, a Rolex watch, and cash.

The gambler is a man of his word considering he’s a Chicago-area car dealer and owns multiple dealerships throughout Illinois.

Furthermore, Piemonte has wagered $33.4 million since the beginning of 2024 and has profited just less than $2 million, according to the transactions page he posted on Instagram.

Piemonte more than doubled his yearly winnings with this parlay.

Piemonte was first introduced to sports betting at age 16

In February 2022, he also won $1.18 million after betting on the Los Angeles Rams (+650) to win Super Bowl LVI against the Cincinnati Bengals.

In an interview with Todd Dewey of the Las Vegas Review-Journal in October 2022, Piemonte revealed that he was first introduced to sports betting at the age of 16 by one of his father’s finance managers.

“He said, ‘Kid, if your dad asks, don’t tell him I taught you,’” Piemonte said. “I’m not sure it was the best lesson to teach me at 16. But he taught me what a parlay was and a round robin. He broke everything down for me.

“I won’t lie. I was addicted straight from then. And I love it. There’s no better feeling than destressing from work and betting on a game. It’s the perfect disconnect.”

In September 2022, Piemonte and his best friend Anthony Damato launched “All In,” a sports betting podcast.